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Christmas Workout Challenge | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

Is it just us, or does it feel like Halloween was just yesterday? And yet here we are, already in the throes of the winter holidays. If you’re anything like us, you absolutely love the holidays. But what you don’t…

Motivational Books for Women – Healthy Concepts with a Nutrition Bias

Are you looking for the next best motivational book for women? Whether you want inspiration in your personal or professional life, you can’t go wrong with these seven books. From the genius mind who created Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Scandal,…

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Online Workouts |

We turbocharge your business with our all-in-one fitness business software that’s custom branded for your business. • Efficiently schedule, view, and manage all appointments and classes — including by trainer, location, and service — with easy options for scheduling recurring…

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How can I design a group fitness class for a variety of fitness levels?

Get the Basics… Fitness classes should be doable for any fitness level Participants need to have options in order to get the most out of your class Your class design should match the title and description listed on the group…

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How do your comments shape your clients’ satisfaction?

Get the Basics… Personal trainers must be mindful of their verbal and nonverbal communication with clients. It’s best to provide cueing and motivational comments that are focused on overall health or function instead of appearance. Personal trainers can further boost…

December Weight Loss Tips | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

Dropping extra pounds can be tough enough. Add frigid temps and extra merrymaking to the task and it can feel even more challenging. But don’t let the dog days of winter derail your diet. Committing to a program like Nutrisystem…

Fun Facts About the Respiratory System

Just like your heart’s job in the circulatory system, your lungs work is (mostly) involuntary. That is, we breathe without thinking unless we override the process by consciously manipulating the movement of our diaphragm.  You’re probably trying it right now….

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What is microlearning and can your staff benefit?

Get the Basics… Microlearning is education or training delivered in short bursts, anywhere from 15 seconds up to 15 minutes. There are numerous advantages to microlearning, but it will probably not replace all forms of formal and informal education. Microlearning…

Social Life: Dieting While Socializing

One thing that makes Nutrisystem so great: You can lose weight without losing your social life. Unlike other diets that tie you to the kitchen, you can stay on-plan with Nutrisystem while meeting friends, family and coworkers for happy hours,…

Warm Tuscan White Bean Dip

Impress your guests with this Warm Tuscan White Bean Dip with sun-dried tomatoes, savory garlic, and fresh rosemary. Whether it’s a holiday gathering, a party at your place or a work potluck, this dip is sure to please. We love…

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