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The Easiest Ways to Set and Reach Your Micro Goals


When making healthy happen, it’s important to stop and celebrate the little wins along the way. While your big goals are important to reach, working towards those goals can feel daunting without including micro goals, or mini milestones, into your plan. A great way to add momentum into reaching your health and wellness goals is to give yourself smaller goals that ladder up to your big win.

What Is a Micro Goal?

Micro goals are small-scale milestones that help you stay engaged with your big goal by celebrating achievements along the way. There’s no hard and fast way to decide what your micro goals should be, but as long as they help keep you motivated—you’re on the right track! For example, if you are working towards losing weight, a micro goal might be fitting into a smaller pant size. Or if you’re training for a half marathon—a new personal record for a shorter distance could be a great way to not only celebrate success but also track your progress.

How to Set Micro Goals

When thinking about how to set and reach micro goals, you need to keep your greater goal in mind. What milestone will help you reach your bigger goal? It may help to just break your big goal up into smaller goals instead of creating additional milestones. By designating complementary or simultaneous micro goals, you’ll stay encouraged with more constant gratification.

Not everyone is working towards a greater goal, but micro goals can still help! If you’re striving to make any positive changes on your health journey, consider setting small milestones to help you track your success.

Why Micro Goals Matter

So now you know howto set micro goals, but you still might be wondering why. In addition to helping track your progress, they help keep you motivated in your journey to make healthy happen. With more tangible results and frequent positive reinforcement, it’s no wonder experts agree setting smaller goals help you reach greater success.

It’s Time to Set Your Micro Goals!

What will help you make healthy happen? Let us know how setting micro goals will help you!

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