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Fusionetics Review [Everything You Need to Know]


Fusionetics is a performance enhancement system used to assess, plan, and develop an exercise program designed to help prevent injuries, aid recovery, reduce musculoskeletal pain, and enhance performance.

Their Movement Efficiency test is used to assess an individual’s current functional movement deficiencies and Fusionetics can then provide a personalized program to reduce the risk for injury, maximize recovery, and potentially improve performance. But does it hit the mark?

Company Overview

Dr. Michael Clark, a physical therapist for the Phoenix Suns and sports medicine professional for the Olympic games, is the founder of Fusionetics. Dr. Clark is also the president and CEO of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), which offers professional certifications for fitness professionals, such as personal trainers.

Fusionetics was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Milton, GA.

Fusionetics has less than 50 employees at its headquarters in the US and they do not post their current revenue details. Fusionetics has partnerships with health care organizations, sports teams, clinics, and health clubs across the United States.

Fusionetics also has an impressive advisory board, including Mark Mastrov (owner of the Sacramento Kings and founder of 24 Hour Fitness), Tom Penn (ESPN Analyst and owner of LA Football Club), a medical director, team physician, other health care professionals, and four professional athletes (Grant Hill, Jeff Saturday, Tony Gonzalez, and Chris Paul).

Features Overview

Fusionetics touts itself as a performance health system with solutions for movement, performance, and recovery, which they call their Performance Enhancement Continuum. Their performance health system has three main features: testing, analyzing, and programming. This cloud-based platform has a client mobile app, website, and provider mobile app.

Fusionetics Platform


  • Accessibility – one system for constant connectivity for users
  • Client and athlete management – data management in a centralized location
  • Testing and monitoring – collect and record data in various performance categories
  • Reporting and advanced analytics – monitor progress and manage data to support outcomes
  • Personalized solutions – algorithms are used with client data to personalize programming
  • Custom programming – availability of a program catalog or an option to develop custom programs

Fusionetics is a Performance Health System that integrates sports science, clinical application and cutting-edge technology to deliver efficient and effective solutions focused on decreasing injury, optimizing performance, and enhancing recovery.

Fusionetics logo

– Custom-Branded Web & Smartphone Apps

Fusionetics has a mobile app for athletes/clients called Fusionetics and a mobile app for providers/professionals called Fusionetics Pro. Fusionetics is listed as the developer for both apps.

The Fusionetics athlete/client app is only available if you work with a provider/professional offering the Fusionetics software, the software and app are not available to the general public. In comparison, does have a mobile app available for clients and trainers to log workouts, track workouts, as well as to view workout history and progress.

The Fusionetics app is available for iOS and Android. The Fusionetics Pro app is also available for iOS and Android. Both apps were released in 2018 so the reviews and ratings are limited at this time.

The athlete/client mobile app has a dashboard, training program, and scheduling functions. Fusionetics does note that all systems information and data are secure and meet HIPPA standards. 

Fusionetics pro app

In comparison, has fully customizable mobile apps with features like workout logging, automated reminders, class booking, automated reminders, an exercise library, and many other features that personal trainers and health club owners find useful.

That customization includes more than just colors and logos — verbiage, integrations, custom dev work for your health performance assessment, and more.

– Workout Creation and Delivery

Only athletes or clients who work with a facility that uses the Fusionetics software are able to use the website or app. There is no option to build workouts or an exercise library unless you are affiliated with a facility that uses Fusionetics.

There is not an option for nutrition tracking with Fusionetics, although professionals who use Fusionetics may use a separate food tracking software or app for their clients. Workout creation and delivery features are similar when comparing Fusionetics to, however, does include a nutrition tracking component.

There are two questionnaires available on the Fusionetics website: Athlete Health Questionnaire and Movement Health Questionnaire. You must enter personal information and contact information before beginning the questionnaire.

Movement Health questionnaire

These questionnaires will ask you basic questions about your sport, injuries, activity level, musculoskeletal pain, and goals. Fusionetics will give you a list of training program options for injury prevention, pain control, stretching, relaxation, or sport-specific training, but you must work with a practitioner, coach, or trainer to access the programs.

You can use their website to locate a Fusionetics professional.

– E-Commerce/Point of Sale

Fusionetics also does not have any e-commerce or point-of-sale features, so there is no ability to increase revenue by selling training packages or memberships like includes in their software.

– Performance Assessments

Fusionetics’ bread-and-butter is its evidence-based performance assessment system. The Movement Efficiency test is a series of seven assessments or screens used to determine an individual’s current level of fitness and any impairments they might have that could affect mobility, stability, recovery, pain, or injury.

The full Movement Efficiency test takes about five minutes to complete. One other option is a quicker Movement Efficiency screening, which takes about two minutes and is more appropriate for outreach. The Range of Motion test tracks mobility and is administered in about 10 minutes.

Fusionetics also has Motion Capture technology available for practitioners. Professionals can video their Movement Efficiency test and use Fusionetics Movement Analysis Profile to analyze, score, and provide recommendations for their clients and athletes.

The Movement Efficiency test has been researched and is determined to be a reliable measure when using the full test to access changes in functional movement over time. More research needs to be completed on the reliability of the individual sub-tests, but the full Movement Efficiency test has good reliability to assess change over time.

Imagine you are an athlete having a strength and conditioning specialist lead you through a 20-minute series of assessments, then use that information to plan a safe and effective sports performance enhancement program for on or offseason that you can access online or through a mobile app.

Or, imagine that you sustained a rotator cuff injury and a physical therapist leads you through the Movement Efficiency test. Your physical therapist then creates a weekly program with mobility, range of motion, and flexibility exercises that can help you minimize pain, enhance your recovery, and prevent future rotator cuff issues. That’s what Fusionetics does with their system.

The Movement Efficiency test includes the following assessments:

  • Two-leg squat
  • Two-leg squat with heel lift
  • One leg squat
  • Push up
  • Shoulder movements (flexion, internal rotation, external rotation, and horizontal abduction)
  • Trunk/lumbar spine movements (lateral flexion and rotation)
  • Cervical spine movement (lateral flexion and rotation)

Individuals are scored from 0 to 100 on each sub-test with those scores averaged to an overall score of 100. The Movement Efficiency test categorizes scores under 50 as poor; scores from 50 to 74.99 as moderate; and scores of 75 to 100 as good.

Fusionetics test

Higher scores may mean that an individual can complete their training program on their own with the assistance of the mobile app. Lower scorers may need to complete a training program under the supervision of a physical therapist or athletic trainer.

– Workout Management

Once an individual has been screened using the Movement Efficiency test, Fusionetics provides a personalized workout plan. The workout plans can include flexibility, mobility, stability, or strengthening. They also have features included within the software to vary the training load and maximize recovery in order to boost performance.

There are over 300 exercises with videos in the Fusionetics software. Trainers, coaches, or health care providers can prescribe a workout plan for their clients or athletes based on the results of the Movement Efficiency and Range of Motion screenings.

Some workout programs are pre-built (i.e. a program for lower body flexibility), but there is also a whiteboard option for professionals to create a unique program. The professional can then share these workouts with their clients via the website or mobile app.

Fusionetics also includes a Daily Readiness Test, which is a questionnaire for users with physical and physiological measures for pain. There are also clinical tools for health care providers, like notes to log with treatment plans and HIPAA secure data.

– Client Engagement

Fusionetics advertises increasing client engagement and attracting new clients through the use of the unique features of their software. Coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, and others can engage with clients through the custom workout plans, questionnaires, mobile app, or through the dashboard.

A professional may attract more clients who have an interest in functional movement if they are offering Fusionetics. If the clients see the benefits of using Fusionetics for their workout plans, they may also become more loyal clients.

– Automation

Personal trainers and health care providers have access to a variety of individual or group/team reports that can be generated for their clients and athletes. The website does not specify what these reports might include other than progress tracking, so contacting Fusionetics can give you more information about those reports. 

There is also an Athlete Management System available for professionals to track progress, monitor progress, see the training calendar, and track workout programs for individual athletes or teams.

Who is this fitness software for?

– Market Target/Positioning

Fusionetics performance health system is useful for sports organizations, health care providers, fitness professionals, and fitness facilities. Coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, personal trainers, physical therapists, physicians, sports medicine providers, and athletic trainers are a few professionals who would find Fusionetics useful in their work.

It may seem like Fusionetics heavily targets athletes, from active children to professional athletes, but they also have options for recreationally active individuals.

The personalization is key – someone who exercises for pain management and stress relief will find very different recommendations in their plan versus a Division 1 college soccer player who is training off-season to maximize recovery and enhance performance during the season.

Fusionetics logo2

There is no information about the process to partner with Fusionetics or to become a facility that offers Fusionetics assessments and programming. There is also no information about the required certifications, necessary educational background, or training details to offer Fusionetics.

An individual likely needs a background in athletics, fitness, or sports medicine to assess, plan, and prescribe a proper workout program. It is unclear what level of training that Fusionetics would provide to an individual if they did not have the sufficient background to offer Fusionetics programming.

You must provide contact information to request a free demo, so Fusionetics is a high-touch software. Fusionetics appears to have close relationships with their providers and partners, so it seems like they get to know the providers, coaches, and trainers that use their software.

Fusionetics has 24/7 customer support via their 1-888 phone number.

– User Perspective

Reviews of the Fusionetics software are limited. All of the success stories and testimonials on the Fusionetics website are positive.

– Positive Feedback

Fusionetics has a number of positive testimonials from athletic trainers, physical therapists, coaches, athletes, and other sports medicine professionals on their website.

This paints a positive picture of the benefits of Fusionetics but may be biased as Fusionetics can control the information posted to their website and the information is coming directly from their clientele.

Fusionetics allows us to quickly test, score, and analyze our athletes’ movement efficiency and creates an individualized program to correct their movement deficiencies. The convenience, accessibility, and time efficiency of the Self-care programs has promoted, educated, and encouraged our athletes to participate, not only in a team setting but also on their own.

After the implementation of the program, staff and athletes alike have seen improvements in functional movement, flexibility, and stability, which have led to an increase in athletic performance and a reduction in sport-related injuries. – Sean Hayes, Assistant Strength & Conditioning Director, University of Georgia Athletic Association

Move Perform Recover

It’s a great tool for evaluating and treating movement dysfunctions before they turn to into injuries. By using objective measurements Fusionetics takes the guesswork out of developing corrective exercise programs. – Peter Friesen, Head Athletic Therapist/Strength Conditioning Coach, Carolina Hurricanes

– Negative Feedback

There were no findings of negative feedback about the Fusionetics software online. Reviews of the mobile app are also very limited because it was released in 2018.


Fusionetics does not publish its pricing structure or membership options online. However, there is some evidence online that the monthly price runs from $129-149 for a 12-month membership.

It is unknown if this is the cost for the athlete or individual to participate with a Fusionetics professional or if this is the cost for the professional to use the Fusionetics software.

It seems as though there would be a cost for a team, provider, trainer, or facility to offer a Fusionetics program (payable to Fusionetics) AND a cost for the athlete or individual to participate in a Fusionetics program (payable to the provider or professional). This information is not readily available online.

– Benefits

Fusionetics touts their benefits as:

  • Centralized athlete management
  • Increased continuity of care
  • Standardized testing/scoring
  • Advanced analytics
  • Targeted programming
  • Individual and team reporting
  • Gamified for engagement
  • Mobilized for ease of use
  • Socialized for sharing/comparing
  • Supported for improved outcomes

– Partnerships

Fusionetics has many fitness partners such as TechnoGym, LifeFitness, US Fitness, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), dotFit, CoachMePlus, and RedLine Athletics.

Health care systems or providers that have a partnership with Fusionetics include Cerner, BlueCross BlueShield Minnesota, Aspire Ventures, and Baylor Scott & White Health. HealthFitness has a partnership with Fusionetics and uses the Movement Efficiency test in their facilities.

At HealthFitness, our partnership with Fusionetics® enables us to deliver effective solutions to prevent and reduce injuries, decrease pain and optimize employee health. -Nicole Chaudet, Executive Director, Product Execution.

Fusionetics also announced an academic partnership with California University of Pennslyvania (CalU) to develop an applied sports science concentration within CalU’s graduate program in exercise science and health promotion. The concentration will be a blend of Fusionetics technology and applied sports science.

Fusionetics has a full list of its partners available on their website.

Top Direct Competitors

Fusionetics biggest competition on the Movement Efficiency test is the Functional Movement Systems (FMS). Their Functional Movement Screening is also evidence-based and has a similar design, but has been around since 1995 and is used worldwide.

Functional Movement Systems has a similar format – an initial screening that takes about 20 minutes to complete, then corrective strategies and exercise progressions are recommended based on the individual results.

The FMS has various certification courses with two well-developed paths for healthcare professionals or fitness performance professionals.

However, FMS does not have a mobile app, nor do they have workout plans with the level of customization that Fusionetics has. The corrective strategies and exercise progressions relate back to the individual FMS sub-tests or assessments, so they are more general.

There are no specific exercises or workouts linked to pain management, recovery, flexibility, or stress management like Fusionetics has in their library.

The Landing Error Scoring System (LESS) is a lesser competitor of Fusionetics because the LESS only analyzes lower body biomechanics. The LESS assess jumping and landing errors to identify individuals at highest risk for ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injuries.

Fusionetics does not have similar features as other fitness business management software like MindBody, Vagaro, ZenPlanner, or The focus of Fusionetics is on the assessment, exercise prescription, and sports/fitness training features within their software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Fusionetics have social media pages? Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Does Fusionetics have a mobile app? Yes, there is a mobile app for clients (Fusionetics) and a mobile app for providers (Fusionetics pro). You must be working with a Fusionetics professional or program in order to use the mobile app.

How can I find out where Fusionetics is offered in my area? You can use the location finder on the Fusionetics webpage.

How can I request a demo of Fusionetics? You can request a demo on their website by providing your contact information.

How can I find out more information about why a movement assessment test is helpful and how performance enhancement software is useful? Fusionetics has a wealth of information about a variety of these topics on their blog on the Fusionetics website. They also post regularly to their social media pages.

Is Fusionetics more appropriate for children, adults, or both? Both. Many of Fusionetics partners work with adults, but they also have a partnership with US Youth Soccer and RedLine Athletics.

What sports organizations does Fusionetics work with? Fusionetics works with more than 60 teams across the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, MLS, and NCAA.

How much does Fusionetics cost? Fusionetics does not publish its pricing structure online. If you are a professional or trainer interested in offering Fusionetics, you can contact them directly for that information. If you are an athlete or fitness enthusiast, contact a location that offers Fusionetics to find out about their pricing structure.

I’m not an athlete, is Fusionetics for me? Anyone can complete the Movement Efficiency test, it is not targeted just to athletes. There are exercise program options to minimize pain, improve flexibility, decrease stress, or improve health, which are appropriate for any active individual.

Is my personal health information safe in the Fusionetics system? Yes, Fusionetics notes that their systems and data are secure and meet HIPPA standards.

What professionals would find Fusionetics most useful? Athletic trainers, sports medicine physicians, coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, physical therapists, personal trainers, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, or other health care providers are some that would most commonly use Fusionetics in their profession.

The Bottom Line

If you would like access to an evidence-based assessment for your clients or athletes, Fusionetics would be a good fit for you. However, when comparing the features of Fusionetics vs. for fitness management software, clearly has features that are more appropriate to fit the needs of personal trainers and health club owners.

Fusionetics gives professionals the ability to complete a Movement Efficiency screening on clients and then make personalized recommendations and solutions based on those results. Your clients can then access their workout/training plan via a mobile app or online. 

Athletes and clients have a baseline assessment for comparison, decrease their risk for injury, and potentially improve performance. Coaches, strength and conditioning professionals, physical therapists, health care systems, physicians, personal trainers, health clubs, and employers could utilize the features of Fusionetics to improve the health and performance of their clients and athletes. 

The current unknown details are related to who can offer Fusionetics (education and certification requirements of professionals, plus training details to use the software), the pricing structure, and any negative information/reviews about the software.

Let the team at show you how to grow and manage your fitness business better!


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