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15 Easy Marinade Recipes – The Real Food Dietitians


Boost the flavor and tenderness of your chicken, steak or pork with ease and keep kitchen time to a minimum with these 15 Easy Marinade Recipes.

If you eat meat you know how monotonous eating the same protein over and over can get. That’s why we constantly strive to mix things up and add a variety of flavors to our meats by marinating as often as we can. After all, the purpose of a marinade is to flavor, tenderize and add more juiciness to meat at the same time. A wonderful side effect of all that magical prep work? Less time in the kitchen and more simple, but tasty meal options when you’re in a dinner jam and don’t know what to make.

The best part about having 15 Easy Marinade Recipes is that they’re not limited to just one type of meat. You can use them interchangeably between chicken, steak and pork so feel free to mix them up! And without further ado, let’s check out those marinades!

Boost the flavor and tenderness of your chicken, steak or pork with ease and keep kitchen time to a minimum with these 15 Easy Marinade Recipes. Click To Tweet

5 Easy Chicken Marinades

Fight off chicken boredom (the struggle is real), by adding one or more of the following marinades to your weekly meal preps. These marinades – Pesto, Lemon Herb, Teriyaki, Fajita and Honey Garlic – are just what you need when you want some really fast, no-fuss options that don’t take hours to prepare.

5 zip-top plastic bags marinated chicken contained in a rectangular glass dish

5 Easy Steak Marinades

Break out the grill and turn less expensive, lean cuts of steak into something delicious! We recommend choosing one or more of these marinades, which include: Steakhouse, Balsamic-Herb, Chipotle Lime, Korean BBQ and Chimichurri.

5 zip-top plastic bags marinated steak contained in a rectangular glass dish

5 Easy Pork Marinades

These marinades – Honey Mustard, Italian Red Wine and Herb, Thai Peanut, Hawaiian and Chinese 5-Spice – are the perfect taste-infusing meal-prep hack to minimize your work in the kitchen when you’re short on time. Fix one (or more) the night before and you’re set for dinner the next day or in the days ahead!

5 zip-top plastic bags marinated steak lined up vertically on flat surface

Plastic-free storage options

While you’ll notice that we used plastic zip-top bags for photography purposes, the majority of the time, when we have enough other eco-friendly container options on hand, we use them. Here are a few of our go-to reusable containers we like to use and recommend:

• Reusable silicone bags: We like these half-gallon Stasher bags

• Freezer-safe glass containers stackable glass containers with lids or these freezer-safe containers with lids


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