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WorkoutLabs Train Review (Comparison, Pricing, and Features)


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WorkoutLabs Train vs Choose’s All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software. Review our head-to-head WorkoutLabs Train software comparison and see for yourself. Get a custom web and smartphone app designed for your brand with additional customization available throughout your custom-built software. Grow your business, turn leads into clients, and increase revenue. 

Choosing the best software for your fitness business is a big decision. It’s important to have a grasp on the features you need, what features are useful for clients/members, and to consider your budget when deciding on which software to use.

This comparison will give you information about WorkoutLab Train’s features such as workout creation and delivery, e-commerce, workout management, client engagement tools, automated features, and pricing.

We’ll also tell you why you should choose to manage and grow your fitness business, increase revenue, and enhance loyalty to engage and retain your clients.

The exercise and fitness industry is constantly growing, so a business must adapt to stay relevant, including being industry-ready and user-friendly, if that company wants to enjoy longevity and success.

That’s why you should choose we are building a software that adapts for every custom client because it’s customized to their brand, so it sets up their business for future success no matter how the fitness industry shifts.

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WorkoutLabs Train Company Overview

WorkoutLabs Train was created in 2012 by William Artamon. It began as a personal use drag-and-drop workout builder and grew from there. WorkoutLabs has two main focuses: Train and Fit. Train is a software platform created to help personal trainers create programming for their clients, while Fit is for a gym buff’s personal use.

The idea of simplification is great for fitness business owners, however, WorkoutLabs Train is a little too simplified. While the drag-and-drop workout builder is convenient for quick adds and moving around workouts, there is access to illustrations only for exercise guidance, whereas, video explanations tend to be more reputable and help remote clients who are learning form and technique.

Illustrations are certainly a step up from utilizing Excel Spreadsheets but in today’s fitness world, you want to be able to offer the best guidance possible to your clients. Here’s a review from a WorkoutLabs Train user that highlights the overall sparsity of the software platform:

“The software was a little pricey and did not offer much. You could create training plans, share with clients, and that’s about it. For the cost I thought there should be a nutrition software, mobile app, the ability to track the number of sessions a client has done, and the ability to schedule clients included in the cost.” (Capterra) offers an all-in-one package of features useful to fitness businesses and personal trainers. No need to have separate software for membership management, a separate system for class calendars and scheduling, and a separate system for personal trainers to build workouts. has all of this, plus more. also has an Advisory Board & Fitness Pros to build the features that fitness businesses will actually use.

WorkoutLabs Train Features vs

You’re likely building your base of clientele and seeking software that will help you do what you do best – train clients. You’re probably hoping to offer remote workouts in order to build additional revenue each month. You want to offer the most to your clients so they tell their friends about you. Therefore, customization and extra features are going to be key to stand out.

Unfortunately, WorkoutLabs Train is so simplified that their list of features is pretty obsolete. A little look into the features that WorkoutLabs Train provides:

The customization that is offered is a change of business name, logo, and brand color across the platform. In addition, they have shareable buttons to help promote your services across various social networks. However, that’s where the platform’s customization ends:

“There’s no flexibility in customization. Nowhere for a notes section for clients to refer to. Not a lot of space/room on the workout calendar to type in a workout/idea for the client.” (Capterra) includes those features, PLUS additional features that are necessary to run a successful fitness or personal training business. not only includes features to create customized workouts but also options to deliver those workouts to clients. Clients and members can book and manage classes, view class schedules or open appointments, purchase memberships, class packages, or specialized workouts, and more.

– Fitness Business Management

Schedule Screenshot Closeup

Since WorkoutLabs Train’s software is very simplified, they only offer workout creation with no other management tools. Their software will allow for attendance tracking to showcase if a client has completed the assigned workout. In addition, they do have the ability to see when the client logged in last. However, there are no other management items to collect payments or create group fitness class schedules.

With, fitness staff or management can set up calendars to show class schedules, instructor information, waitlists, and automate payments. There is a business dashboard for reporting and managers can set up staff roles and permissions.

Managers can turn features on/off for the most user-friendly experience for staff and clients. The technology team is constantly adding new features based on feedback from current users of

Exercisers can book and manage classes, see waitlists, set up reminders and notifications, set up automatic payments, or pay for classes or memberships. They can view schedules by location, trainer, time, or type of class.

There are no limits to the number of clients you can manage, and you can manage the software from anywhere. There are also endless marketing integrations included with to help upsell to current clients or reach new clients. has allowed a lot of flexibility with integration, so I can better connect with my customers. They developed a way to integrate with my CMR so I can send email sequences after purchasing, and they also created an upsell option on the sales page that offers exclusive products to customers.” – Kellie Davis, FIT THRIVE

– Custom-Branded Web & Smartphone Apps

Custom App Workout ExampleWhile it seems as though a mobile app is in the works, WorkoutLabs Train does not have a mobile app. Instead, all of the workouts must be created and viewed from a browser which can be tricky to go through on a mobile phone or tablet:

“I would love for them to launch an actual app. The phone version works just fine but as a trainer, I cannot edit as if I were using my trainer platform which is a bummer when I need to make a last minute switch up requested by my clients, etc. Also, it opens up via Safari, which is meh… I think that having their own app would give them a huge boost, at least from the trainers platform perspective.” (Capterra) offers a fully customizable app with numerous features for managers, staff, personal trainers, and exercisers. Your business can have a cohesive look with your branding showcased on the mobile app and website. There are also custom dev options to meet your needs for the mobile app and website. also has important features to keep your information and data secure, including SSL security and privacy shield framework.

With, personal trainers can sell training programs online with NO additional costs. This is included in the pricing of, so no need to worry about a minimum number of users or getting a bill at the end of the month; this is all included.

My custom-branded apps have made my life easier and helped streamline my online training, which in turn has transformed into a pretty awesome additional revenue stream for me and my family.” – Tony Gentilcore, CSCS

– Workout Creation and Delivery

WorkoutLabs Train has an exercise library of illustrations only. Their site does not currently handle videos or any image that is greater than 5mb (png or jpg only). They allow trainers to add their own workouts, however, only images – not video guidance. This can be detrimental when helping a client, especially a beginner, learn proper form and technique of a movement.

Although WorkoutLabs Train has excellent illustrations, videos tend to offer better guidance when the trainer is not present. Furthermore, while their exercise library grows monthly, they seem to be missing exercises for special populations, as seen in this review:

“I would like to see an advanced feature for sports specific exercises and stretches. Perhaps group fitness models for clients with special circumstances, i.e. pregnancy, high blood pressure, seniors, sedentary, obesity (morbid). These are some of the demographics we encounter as trainers.” (Capterra)

Beyond the fitness realm, WorkoutLabs Train does not provide any nutritional features. With many people seeking fitness and nutritional guidance, the lack of nutrition features may be a setback for trainers who are hoping to keep everything in one area. has an exercise library with instructions, videos, muscles worked, and sample workouts. Trainers can also add exercise or videos for clients to view. The software includes options for goal setting, workout challenges, and customized training plans.

For nutrition, trainers can set macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat) goals with their clients. Clients can track their intake for trainers to view and trainers can then provide assistance to help clients meet their health and fitness goals. also allows trainers or coaches to sell workouts online, but without the extra fees. There is also no required minimum of users, so you could sell to two clients or 100 clients and it is included with the other features of

Fit Thrive mobile and web apps

With, I’m able to reach people around the world with the programs that I design, implement, and push out. You don’t have that opportunity working in a local gym. So that’s been huge.” – Kellie Davis, FIT THRIVE

– E-Commerce/Point of Sale

WorkoutLabs Train does not have any function of e-commerce setup. Therefore, if you use their platform, you must collect money elsewhere. This can be difficult to implement, especially if you are dealing with older clientele who may not be as tech-savvy as the younger generation.

On the contrary, has endless options to increase revenue while engaging clients and members. You can sell memberships, packages of classes, single classes, or workout plans. You can even help virtual clients meet their fitness goals. 

Workout plan

Let’s say one of your dedicated clients travels for work and cannot always meet with you to train in-person. You can develop and deliver a customized program that can be automatically delivered to your client for them to complete at your gym, a hotel gym, their home, or anywhere on the road.

I sold a workout program and matched my yearly salary of in-person training within two weeks of selling to my community!” – Paul Fabritz, BS Exercise and Wellness, CSCS, CPT, ACE, FMS

– Performance Assessments

Compilation Health Assessment Image

Assessing clients and tracking their progressions are one of the best ways to show that your program is working. However, WorkoutLabs Train does not have an area where these assessments can take place. Furthermore, there is no way to track progressions. If a trainer wanted to implement tracking assessments and progressions of weight lifted. etc, they would have to do it outside of this software. offers a variety of health performance assessment features. Not only can you assess 1RM for muscular fitness, but you can also complete assessments for cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility. You can also track other measurement data, provide questionnaires, and track injuries with allows trainers to deliver customized or specialized workouts based on health performance assessments. Clients can view their performance assessments and track results over time with the mobile app or dashboard.

– Client Engagement

Although WorkoutLabs Train fails to have a mobile app associated with their software, they do have a chat service. This chat service allows the client to ask questions or look for added guidance. also allows for interaction with members and clients using the mobile app, texting, email, or push notifications. They can send reminders or encouragement with a few simple clicks.

Fitness facilities and trainers that use can set up workout challenges and leaderboards to help motivate and engage their members and clients. This is one way to increase revenue and enhance loyalty, but it is also a great way for clients to stay motivated to reach their goals – a win/win for everyone! 

– Automation

WorkoutLabs Train does not have an automation system in place, besides the immediate email delivery of one’s workout each day.

The automation features of make it easy for fitness staff and trainers to stay in constant communication with clients via mobile apps, texting, or email. Payments for memberships or classes can also be automated for members so they have one less thing to remember.

It’s simple to automate reminders and notifications via the mobile app, texting, and email. Trainers can also automate specialized workouts, workout plans, or performance assessment data. Communicating with clients has never been easier with these features.


Automation Screenshot

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

WorkoutLabs Train Pricing

Below we broke down the pricing of WorkoutLabs Train. It’s important to remember that if you need to collect payments, have project management software and/or if you need a way to track group fitness classes and memberships – you will need to find other software companies (and thus, pay additional fees) for those resources.

Additional Competitors

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons is an all-in-one software platform to meet the needs of many types of fitness businesses. With features like workout creation and delivery, performance assessments, scheduling, automation, and e-commerce, our software fits the needs of fitness businesses small and large.

With you have everything you need in one easy-to-use package so that you can spend more time growing or improving your business while interacting with clients and members. WorkoutLabs Train’s features simply do not stack up to the features provided by

– WorkoutLabs Train Cons

WorkoutLabs Train’s platform is overly simplified. While many of their users enjoy the simplified style, it is better suited for a trainer who has a few remote clients per month. If you’re running a gym setting, with group fitness classes, 1-on-1 clients, and you need to be able to accept payments, create class schedules, and do workout programming – you will not be happy with their product.

– Pros’s software platform offers many of the workout creation and delivery features that are offered by WorkoutLabs Train, but also includes many features that are not offered by WorkoutLabs Train. truly is an all-in-one software that fitness businesses can use to support all of the features needed to run a successful business.

Our software has numerous options for workout creation and delivery, e-commerce, scheduling and booking, reporting, and automation. Personal trainers and businesses have all the tools they need to interact with clients and members and a simple platform for all functions needed daily when using allows trainers to develop and deliver workouts without additional costs per user and no minimum number of users. Our goal at is to help you maximize income, efficiency, and availability to serve more clients. Request a demo of our software today to learn more.


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