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FitSW Train Review (Comparison, Pricing, and Features)


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Choose’s All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software. Review our head-to-head FitSW software comparison and see for yourself. Get a custom web and smartphone app designed for your brand with additional customization available throughout your custom-built software. Grow your business, turn leads into clients, and increase revenue.

Choosing the best software for your fitness business is a big decision. It’s important to have a grasp on the features you need, what features are useful for clients/members, and to consider your budget when deciding on which software to use.

This comparison will give you information about FitSW’s features such as workout creation and delivery, e-commerce, workout management, client engagement tools, automated features, and pricing.

We’ll also tell you why you should ultimately choose to manage and grow your fitness business, increase revenue, and enhance loyalty to engage and retain your clients.

The exercise and fitness industry is constantly growing, so a business must adapt to stay relevant, including being industry-ready and user-friendly, if that company wants to enjoy longevity and success.

That’s why you should choose we are building a software that adapts for every custom client because it’s customized to their brand, so it sets up their business for future success no matter how the fitness industry shifts.

If you’re ready to grow and manage your business with a software that can be customized to your business, book a demo with

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FitSW Overview


Founded in 2017, FitSW Personal Training Fitness Software is an online fitness software that allows trainers to connect with their fitness clients. FitSW includes online fitness workout tracking, progress tracking, diet monitors, personal trainer scheduling calendars, and more. While it seems to be a satisfactory software for a personal trainer to go digital with their client files, there are quite a few missing features for fitness studio owners.

FitSW averages a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating with most of their negative comments stemming from app issues (app not loading, app crashing, etc), as well as a few issues with a limited exercise library and overall functionality.

FitSW vs

When a gym owner is seeking software to encompass online fitness-tracking, project management, progress tracking, diet monitoring, personal training calendars and more, it’s essential that the software functions well and customer service can provide ample support to follow through all of those tasks.

Let some of the reviews do the talking:


Sometimes it isnt working properly and you have to email support and wait for them to fix the issue leaving your clients in the clouds about their plans (Capterra) has everything you could need for a small business. And the workout library is really great. Customer support is very quick to answer inquiries. (Capterra)

–Fitness Business Management (FBM)

FitSW’s software will allow personal trainers to manage their client’s workouts, tasks, meal plans, schedules, and some payments as well. Clients can book directly with a personal trainer for a session, however, they do not offer any group fitness class sign-ups or waitlists. Payments must be made per session, as opposed to automated payments. They also have a tiered cost approach, therefore, the more clients you manage, the more your subscription will be each month (we will highlight more of this below).

With, fitness staff or management can set up calendars to show class schedules, instructor information, wait lists, and automate payments. There is a business dashboard for reporting and managers can set up staff roles and permissions.

The technology team is constantly adding new features based on feedback from current users of

Exercisers can book and manage classes, see waitlists, set up reminders and notifications, set up automatic payments, or pay for classes or memberships. They can view schedules by location, trainer, time, or type of class.

There are no limits to the number of clients you can manage, and you can manage the software from anywhere. There are also endless marketing integrations included with to help upsell to current clients or reach new clients. has allowed a lot of flexibility with integration, so I can better connect with my customers. They developed a way to integrate with my CMR so I can send email sequences after purchasing, and they also created an upsell option on the sales page that offers exclusive products to customers.” – Kellie Davis, FIT THRIVE

– Calendars and Booking

FitSW has a scheduler that is catered to personal training sessions; however, for a fitness studio or gym situation, there are many different ways to collect revenue such as personal training, small private sessions, group fitness classes, and events. FitSW cannot gather sign-ups for anything other than personal training (one-on-one) sessions.

The graphics on the scheduler were difficult to read. Often, I was confused about when my trainer was available and when she wasn’t. (Capterra)

Club Industry explains that a Nielsen study (2016) of more than 3,000 participants of group fitness classes around the world highlighted that more than 85 percent of class members visit their facility twice a week specifically to engage in group classes. And 43 percent of members visit their facility four times per week for this purpose.

The importance of calendars and booking to allow for group fitness sign-ups is essential for gym growth, and realizes this.

– Accepting Payments Securely and Easily

Utilizing Stripe, FitSW does accept online payments that are secured and easy to implement. The payment gateway offers fast processing and security that gives peace of mind to both the fitness organization and the clients. also has important features to keep your information and data secure, including SSL security and privacy shield framework.

– Increase Business Efficiency with Easy Report Access

When choosing a software to help the ease of business, report access is essential for a gym owner to keep tabs on what programs are working and other items such as client retention and overall income. FitSW does not seem to provide these types of reports which could be detrimental to a business owner’s records., however, does offer reports on various gym metrics.

– Increase Revenue with Key Business Marketing Integrations

Integrations with other large companies that business owners typically utilize keep things streamlined. While FitSW does integrate with Stripe for payment processing, that seems to be the extent of their integration usage. On the contrary, prides itself on being extremely efficient with its numerous integrations especially with marketing: MailChimp and Constant Contact. This makes marketing initiatives easier.

It helps to be able to learn and put a system in place to say ‘We have this issue with the shoulder or this elbow pain, this hip internal rotation issue’ and we’ve gone through it with 25 other guys. We’ve had good success with 24 of them so we have a game plan in place.

The flip side is if you get stuck in a rut and your systems don’t work and are not scalable you’re just like why isn’t this working. You can’t see outside the box at all. Systems help eliminate problems.

Barrett Stover

Founder, Revolution Sports Performance

– Custom-Branded Websites, Web, and Smartphone Apps

FitSW provides a mobile app for their trainers to implement (which is compatible with iOS and Android); however, their customization (for an additional cost) is limited to a color scheme, logo, and business name.

My custom-branded apps have made my life easier and helped streamline my online training, which in turn has transformed into a pretty awesome additional revenue stream for me and my family.” – Tony Gentilcore, CSCS

– Fully Customized to Your Brand

As mentioned previously, FitSW provides some light branding for an added cost. However, it simply cannot be matched by the customization provided by offers a fully customizable app with numerous features for managers, staff, personal trainers, and exercisers. Your business can have a cohesive look with your branding showcased on the mobile app and website. There are also custom development options to meet your needs for the mobile app and website.

– Automation from Your Custom Apps

Automation has become a necessity for busy business owners. These emails, texts, and messages allow the trainer to connect to their clients on a more personal level without all of the added work. FitSW has begun to offer some automation within its software.

The automation features of make it easy for fitness staff and trainers to stay in constant communication with clients via mobile apps, texting, or email. Payments for memberships or classes can also be automated for members so they have one less thing to remember.

It’s simple to automate reminders and notifications via the mobile app, texting, and email. Trainers can also automate specialized workouts, workout plans, or performance assessment data. Communicating with clients has never been easier with these features.

– Custom-Designed Website

With an account with FitSW, you have access to your customized blog. This blog can be seen by all of your clients. takes this a step further and creates a custom-designed website that will embed all of the information seen in your app along with a blog for posts and areas for e-commerce.

– Security Features

FitSW and both have important features to keep your information and data secure, including SSL security and privacy shield framework.

– Integrations and Add-ons

FitSW does not currently offer any integrations or add-ons. allows you to power your business by connecting to Zapier, Stripe, YouTube, Vimeo, MailChimp, ConvertKit, ConstantContact, Refersion, Intercom, MyFitnessPal and more.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

– Workout Creation and Delivery

FitSW has an area for workout creation and delivery. While their exercise library grows monthly, they are missing essential features that could be useful to many trainers and clients:

I wish there was an option to notate at each exercise, so that I can better communicate with my trainer what worked and what didn’t, what weights I ended up using, and why. (Capterra)

– Deliver Workouts for Any Scenario

While creating workouts for individuals is likely one of the most important reasons for wanting workout creation and delivery (especially for online training), it’s important to have software that allows for items such as:

  • Nutrition Assistance
  • Goal Setting
  • Traveling Athletes
  • In-Person Clients
  • Hybrid Clients (in-person/online)
  • Challenge Situations

Currently, FitSW has the option to create workouts for individuals, as well as a tab that allows nutritional tracking to occur. However, some of the feedback regarding added features and their nutritional program has not always been five stars:

I wish there was a way to make the table format more printer friendly. I’d also like to be able to brand my own page and would be willing to pay more to do this. (Capterra)

The food tracker could use some work. I wish it was easier to write down and track the information better. This would have helped me with my nutrition and my overall physical health goals. (Capterra) has an exercise library with instructions, videos, muscles worked, and sample workouts. Trainers can also add exercise or videos for clients to view. The software includes options for goal setting, workout challenges, and customized training plans.

For nutrition, trainers can set macronutrient (carbohydrates, protein, fiber, fat) goals with their clients. Clients can track their intake for trainers to view and trainers can then provide assistance to help clients meet their health and fitness goals.

E-Commerce/Point of Sale

FitSW does collect payments through Stripe, therefore, the trainer can receive funds before the session from the client and/or before the workout is created. They do not have a way to set-up reoccurring payments. They also don’t utilize an actual e-commerce “storefront” so there is no availability to sell workout plans or enroll in challenges.

On the contrary, has endless options to increase revenue while engaging clients and members. You can sell memberships, packages of classes, single classes, or workout plans. You can even help virtual clients meet their fitness goals. 

Below we want to highlight three ways you can increase revenue through that you would not be able to do with FitSW software:

– Sell Pre-Built, Single Workout Plans (Mike Boyle)

Build a workout plan that you can sell to large masses of people.

– Deliver Workout of the Day Memberships (Madeline Moves)

Keep your audience engaged by delivering a workout of the day membership so that everyone can work out “together.”

– Runs Workout Challenges (Madeline Moves)

Challenges are excellent ways to create camaraderie and increase motivation among your clients and potential clients.

By having the ability to run workout challenges directly from your software platform, you are not restricted to one location. You can run for members of your gym, as well as for your online clients all over the world.

Performance Assessments

Assessing clients and tracking their progressions are one of the best ways to show that your program is working. However, FitSW does not have an area where these assessments can take place. While they do have a recent update that shows progressions, it is only done via graphs and can sometimes be difficult to interpret. offers a variety of health performance assessment features. Not only can you assess 1RM for muscular fitness, but you can also complete assessments for cardiorespiratory fitness and flexibility. You can also track other measurement data, provide questionnaires, and track injuries with allows trainers to deliver customized or specialized workouts based on health performance assessments. Clients can view their performance assessments and track results over time with the mobile app or dashboard.

FitSW Pricing

Below we broke down the pricing of FitSW, which features a tiered system that ranges from $9.99 to $179.99 depending upon the number of clients and the number of people that have access to creating programs for them.

Single Trainer Access

Multiple Trainer Access 

Additional Competitors

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons is an all-in-one software platform to meet the needs of many types of fitness businesses. With features like workout creation and delivery, performance assessments, scheduling, automation, and e-commerce, our software fits the needs of fitness businesses small and large.

With you have everything you need in one easy-to-use package so that you can spend more time growing or improving your business while interacting with clients and members. FitSW’s features simply do not stack up to the features provided by

– FitSW Cons

FitSW’s software caters to the personal trainer but not to the business owner. While many of their users may enjoy the simplified style, it is better suited for a trainer who plans on creating workouts for one on one uses. If you’re running a gym setting, with group fitness classes and creating class schedules, hoping to further your marketing initiatives and expand your outreach towards putting together challenges, you will not be happy with this software.

– Pros’s software platform offers many of the workout creation and delivery features that are offered by FitSW, but also includes many features that are not offered by FitSW. truly is an all-in-one software that fitness businesses can use to support all of the features needed to run a successful business.

Our software has numerous options for workout creation and delivery, e-commerce, scheduling and booking, reporting, and automation. Personal trainers and businesses have all the tools they need to interact with clients and members and a simple platform for all functions needed daily when using allows trainers to develop and deliver workouts without additional costs per user and no minimum number of users. Our goal at is to help you maximize income, efficiency, and availability to serve more clients. Request a demo of our software today to learn more.


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