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Schedulicity vs.’s All-in-One Fitness Business Software


Manage and Grow Your Fitness Business Better with Learn more below.

Choose’s All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software. Review our head-to-head Schedulicity software comparison and see for yourself. Get a custom web and smartphone app designed for your brand with additional customization available throughout your custom-built software. Grow your business, turn leads into clients, and increase revenue.

This review is going to cover the differences in features listed on the table above to find out how the Schedulicity booking app stacks up to’s All-In-One Fitness Business Management Software.

You’ll get to know some of Schedulicity’s additional competitors, pricing, and other information that will help you in your decision-making process. You’ll find out what Schedulicity does well, and how it compares to the’s features for essential fitness business needs like health assessments, workout delivery to clients, and automated marketing and business management features.

By the end of this article, you’ll know whether or not Schedulicity is the right solution for your business, or if does indeed offer you the best solutions possible, especially when it comes to creating revenue.

If the table has already sold you, request a demo of’s All-In-One Fitness Business Management Software today.

Fitness Pros Who Trust

One of the best behind the scenes assets about a custom app is the team’s commitment over the last decade to working with the top fitness professionals when it comes to app development.

The team at is a team of professionals in the fitness industry ranging in fields from therapy, wellness, and nutrition, to strength, conditioning, and performance. This diverse background in health and wellness while working with industry leaders helps keep the applications up-to-date on industry trends and more.

Schedulicity Company Overview

schedulicity logo

In the arena of booking and scheduling, Schedulicty definitely makes a case for being one of the best products. If you’re a fitness professional or in the health and wellness industry, however, read on to find out where Schedulicty came up short in meeting the needs of fitness business management and how compares.

Schedulicity vs

Schedulicity plans do come with some neat features like up to 10 free bookings per month, appointment and class calendars, unlimited class management, client management(not unlimited), reminder emails, and some basic marketing tools. They do have an iOS and Android app for your business as well.

You can add some pictures or logos to your website and app and add in some color customization but it won’t be custom-tailored directly to your brand. Everything with Schedulicity stays with Schedulicity, meaning that your clients will have to log into the client Schedulicity app to find your business in the marketplace; the app will not be custom-branded for your business, even though you can change logos and colors.

With, our clients won’t be searching for a fitness software brand to find your app. It’s your brand, your app from A to Z. The vision of the creators and developers of the software is:

“…to build an all-in-one fitness business management software that inspires fitness professionals to think big when it comes to growing their businesses, and exercise enthusiasts to pursue their fitness goals by logging one workout at a time.”

– Fitness Business Management (FBM)

Scheduling Client Management Business Marketing/Reports Payments
Online appointment scheduling Client check-ins Email marketing Payment processing via Square
Class scheduling Client management Automatic notifications Auto billing
Personal client scheduling pages Multi-service booking SMS appointment reminders
Workshop scheduling Class & appointment calendars On-demand business reports
Appointment dashboard SMS appointment reminders
Client segmentation Fill My Book promotions for empty appointments
Attendance tracking Facebook integration
Client enrollment Email templates
Class & instructor reporting

Sometimes the features that a software system provides don’t always function the way the user expects them to. The difference in Schedulicity’s features and those of is that is custom-built for each and every fitness business owner individually, to make sure the shoe fits.

A Schedulicity user had this to say about its business management functions: “A bit clunky when it comes to making appointments show up on a google calendar. Sometimes the app doesn’t work as it should. I wish the app would make it easier for the business to manage their side of things, but the app is clearly designed for the customer, and the business owner needs to use the web interface for managing their side of things.”

Reviews of, however, are much more positive:

– Calendars and Booking

Common features between the Schedulicity app and a custom app are that both allow for purchases for services or products to be made in the system. You are also able to manage your schedules and availability from anywhere with both software applications.

Both systems also allow for recurring appointments to input into the calendar, and with Schedulicity being a schedule-making system, simple things like checking out for clients in-person and viewing client details like misses are available, and the same goes for

The below screenshot features a screenshot from software user AMPD Performance, who had this to say about their custom-branded app:

“We have athletes that can only see us every so often because they travel for tournaments or business. With that said, our custom online training platform has helped us provide better coaching solutions when our athletes are not with us. Now, we can continue to make progress when the athlete is on the road, and we can track their workouts. ”

With tabs allowing business owners to check on clients, groups, calendar and scheduling, plans, and other vital points of contact with customers, you’ll receive more than just booking capabilities, you’ll actually be able to reach your clients easier, with workout tracking and other options which we will cover later.

Although Schedulicity features functions that allow for your business to pop up on a marketplace listing, you’ll get the same function from a custom-branded app. Users will have to find businesses via the Schedulicity marketplace, while businesses with enjoy their clients being able to search for their business, and NOT have to search for first.

Clients with can purchase products like workouts or programs without you having to lift a finger, but you’ll always be involved in some way with Schedulicity’s system. Both systems also feature automated reminder emails as a part of basic system functions.

Waitlist, no-show, and autofill options are all available with both software applications, while documents like waivers and client alerts also come with basic systems. Whereas with Schedulicity you will NOT have unlimited client management(pay by tier, which means you’ll end up paying based on how many clients you have), you will get everything, regardless of how many clients you have, with

  • Clients
  • Classes
  • Revenue streams like workouts and workout delivery, programs, and workout challenges’s automation features make all of the above, which are the basis of revenue for gyms, not only possible and accessible but easy to enable and use.

– Accepting Payments Securely and Easily

Schedulicity and both have Stripe and Square integrations available, but business owners must also be aware of high transaction fees. As entrepreneurs, third party compliance, credit card transaction fees, and monthly limits on the number of transactions will cap out or be costly on systems like Schedulicity if you have high traffic with clients.

You’ll have to go in and set reoccurring appointments with Schedulicity, while customers working with software using businesses get to manage their profiles on their own. Another key factor that Schedulicity misses is payments, as you’ll have to finish processing payments from your office.

On Schedulicity’s payment and automation system:

“I wish my clients could go to their Schedulicity account and pay from there to my office.”

“The only thing I don’t like is that a client can’t go in and make reoccurring appointments.” features secure third party processing options that are built for high-security protection of customer data, at a constant price, allowing you to take payments online AND in person. Using our software, you’ll also not have to pay Apple’s 30% Transaction Fee within the iPhone App. integrations

As a business owner, you have to cover every area to make sure you’re not bleeding funds. Will Schedulicity help create passive revenue streams at no extra cost?

– Increase Business Efficiency and Easy Report Access

What IS business efficiency?  The efficiency of business operations ensures maximum profitability and also saves extremely valuable time.

Schedulicity has no real way of creating revenue streams. Although it does include the option for users to sell workshops, classes, and products all from a marketplace, your business will be capped to those people who can only come visit your facility.

Business efficiency removes the feeling of not having enough time in the day or helping hands waiting and ready.  Fitness business management with ensures you can spend your extra energy on creating workout plans that stick, which helps your clients progress better!

Check out this free revenue increasing webinar to find out how to:

  1. Sell workout plans to generate thousands in online revenue
  2. Offer recurring workout memberships to earn 6-figures
  3. Deliver custom workouts to make more money with less time

If you want to build a sustainable business, you’ve got to have a product that people want. For many fitness businesses that’s workout plans.

You can create a scalable service that will provide you with passive income. Your custom-branded app will put your workout plan revenue on autopilot.

You can sell workout plans to in-person clients. For example, Ashton Roberts of AR Performance Training says:

“All my clients are required to use my online training. When training with me personally face-to-face, they have my app. They train with me—let’s say two days—and then they have the app for one. So they’re constantly working out on their own or required to utilize the app logging so that I can now check on them.”

– Increase Revenue with Key Business Marketing Integrations also provides users with the ability to integrate with marketing software in order to reach more clients and increase overall profits. Marketing integrations include:

  • MailChimp
  • ConstantContact
  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

It helps to be able to learn and put a system in place to say ‘We have this issue with the shoulder or this elbow pain, this hip internal rotation issue’ and we’ve gone through it with 25 other guys. We’ve had good success with 24 of them so we have a game plan in place.

The flip side is if you get stuck in a rut and your systems don’t work and are not scalable you’re just like why isn’t this working. You can’t see outside the box at all. Systems help eliminate problems.

Barrett Stover

Founder, Revolution Sports Performance

– Custom-Branded Web & Smartphone Apps

As mentioned, Schedulicity does not provide its users with full customization., however, does.

– Fully Customized to Your Brand

Customization is where prides itself with its software, and even though Schedulicity is a well-rounded scheduling application, you’ll only be able to upload logos, pictures and change the color tone of the app.

You will NOT get access to the following features with Schedulicity:

      • Customized Web and Smartphone Apps
      • When customers are in the app store, does it show their business as the developer?
      • Custom Website – not just a skin cover for the developer’s app
      • Custom Development Work – your direct support team works to make sure you have all the features and functions you need to succeed
      • Custom Performance Health Assessment Software to Collect Smart Data – customizing assessments leads to better answers, which means better progress and results from your clients
      • Custom Exercise Library – round out your client’s interaction with custom made exercises from your workouts.  Be able to show and explain workouts without being face-to-face with your clients!

These features come with every custom branded app, designed to fit the needs of every fitness industry professional.  With several apps in the TOP 15 in the Android and iOS stores, you’ll know that you’re getting a quality product that delivers with and app.

– Automation from Your Own Custom Apps

When it comes to automation, it’s hard to claim a complete victory over the system, and although Schedulicity’s basic functions do allow for some automatic features to be input like email and SMS reminders to clients, most of the work will still have to be completed by you, the administrator.

With the automation is almost endless, which means that once you insert the automation, the system basically grows with you in functionality.

From basic automatic emails and text message reminders to automated workout program delivery, automated resource delivery, and automatic assessment delivery, gives your business room to grow, while you get to add extra time to your hands. Here is a list of the automated services that the software platform provides:

  • Automatic Emails and Texts/Other Automatic Features
  • Highlight
  • Automate Workout Delivery
  • Automate Resource Delivery
  • Automate Assessment Delivery
  • Automate Reminders/Alerts via app, text, and email

– Custom-Designed Website

In addition to your custom apps, with you will also have a fully customized website; another feature that Schedulicity does not offer. 

With your fully customized website, you will receive:

  • Responsive
  • SEO optimized
  • Unlimited theme changes
  • Built to convert visitors to leads
  • Custom graphic work
  • Google Certified Partner

– Security Features

In terms of privacy and compliance, some information is private with Schedulicity, and other information is unencrypted:

“Please note that the following information is unencrypted in Schedulicity: Reservation confirmation and reminder text messages and emails that include the client’s name and/or scheduled service. Reservation notification emails and text messages that are delivered to service providers and include the client’s name and scheduled service.”

Schedulicity doesn’t offer the requisite BAA which is the main facilitation tool in allowing a business to maintain HIPAA compliance. For any HIPAA compliant entity, this factor is non-negotiable.

With not only will you get secure operating features with Google Cloud integrations, but you’ll get a privacy shield framework that ensures SSL Security.  Client data will remain safe, secure and encrypted with our in-house third party processing system, meaning you won’t have to process through another app other than’s security features include:

  • SSL Secure
  • Privacy Shield Framework
  • Google Cloud

– Integrations and Add-ons

Schedulicity does integrate with some titans of the software industry like:

  • Stripe
  • Square Point of Sale
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Google Calendar’s software comes with the same range of app integrations AND more:

  • Stripe
  • Square
  • Youtube
  • Vimeo
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Refersion
  • Intercom

This shortlist of integrations is just that, a short list, as has an unlimited number of integrations because the app is custom built with Zapier to suit your business.  If there’s an app that you need to integrate, has the capability to make the addition possible.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

– Workout Creation and Delivery

To be fair, Schedulicity does allow for packages to be sold through their marketplace, however, that function doesn’t allow for complete creation, automation, and workout delivery to clients like the software does.

With, you’ll never have to guess, calculate, or analyze data from a spreadsheet, because workout progress data is stored automatically with activity, performance records, workout snapshots, summaries, and leaderboards.

Clients will be able to purchase workout memberships automatically which means more time for your business, more revenue in your pockets, and less time spent explaining workouts.

– Deliver Workouts for Any Scenario

With every workout personalized and set to progress with each client, your business will grow right along with you and all of your clients to ensure there’s less legwork for you in running your business.  From workout planning to personal training, nutritional assistance, in-person and traveling clients/athletes, training workout logging and progression check-in,’s custom software will deliver workouts for any scenario:

  • Workout Planning-Personal Training
  • Nutrition Assistance
  • Goal Setting
  • Traveling Athletes
  • In-Person Clients
  • Trainer Logging
  • Online Clients
  • Hybrid Clients (in-person/online)
  • Busy Professionals

–Customized Workout Design and Library

You’ll be able to embed your videos onto your platform with descriptions and customized exercises, increasing the individuality of your fitness brand, making your niche that much more sophisticated in the industry, which sets your business apart from the rest.

Workout customization options include:

  • Workout Plan Creator
  • Intervals
  • Alternate
  • Block
  • Smart Delivery
  • Custom Exercise Library
  • Easily Embed Your Videos into Your Platform
  • Your Descriptions, Workouts, etc

– Automated Delivery PDFs, Nutrition Plans, and More to Your Clients

Imagine a business where you could easily show your clients or members their workout progress over one week, three months, or one year, which equals insane retention rates because clients who can see their progress are clients that stick.’s Workout Software sends workout summaries after your clients log a workout or measurements like weight loss and more.

Within each client’s personal profile they can easily see their activity, records, and workout totals.’s automated delivery also provides workout snapshots so you can view workout data for any time frame empowering you to deliver the right workout plans based on each client’s history. makes it easy for you to help your clients track, meet, and see their progression, leading to higher retention and revenue.

– E-Commerce/Point of Sale

Clients with can purchase products like workouts or programs without you having to lift a finger, but you’ll always have to be involved in some way with Schedulicity’s system.

What does this mean for e-commerce?

You can use your app to sell workouts online to clients who may never meet face-to-face. However, online training can also be a great upsell for gyms with clients who are churning because your custom-branded app empowers you to train anyone, for any scenario, anywhere in the world.

Here are some other ways that (and not Schedulicity) allows you to increase revenue:

– Sell Pre-Built, Single Workout Plans (Mike Boyle)

– Delivers Automated Custom Programming (Dean Sommerset, AMPD)

– Deliver Workout of the Day Memberships (Madeline Moves)

With Schedulicity, you will be able to send emails with announcement specials and birthday messages using a custom-designed template.  Their automated marketing system add-on – which you will pay extra for – will give you reports on key metrics, open rates, click-through rates for online clients in your marketplace. will do the same and more at no extra cost, ever.  You’re already paying for software, so that software should be bringing revenue into your business without taking more money out of your pockets.


– Performance Assessments

Another function that Schedulicity does not offer is the custom performance health assessments, which are the cornerstone of setting up custom-designed workouts which will be set to grow with your clients and your software.

What about assessments which gather vital data on potential clients while engaging long-time gym-goers?  Let’s see what Schedulicity and each can offer your fitness business.

– The Value of Assessments

With performance assessments, you can show your clients where they have improved from previous assessment data.

AMPD Performance, for example, uses a custom assessment to onboard their clients which also helps them to see where their clients and athletes are at physically and what specific areas they need to target for improvement. They are also able to assign future assessments to engage and gauge client and athlete progress and make smart adjustments to the programming based on smart data.

Schedulicity doesn’t offer this capability, which is actually extremely crucial to most personal training businesses, as the assessment allows you to gather the most important information you’ll have on your clients.

– Complete Assessments for Clients

From onboarding potential leads and new clients to re-engagement of older clients and smart data which auto-fills your custom workouts, you’ll gain not only retention but a reputation for professionalism that gets results with the software application. Here is how to utilize the power of performance assessments:

  • First, take potential clients through a baseline assessment to show how you can help them achieve their goals.
  • Second, people often have short memories, so a client assessment in tandem with our powerful smart performance tracking empowers you to show clients where they have improved.
  • Third,’s Performance Health Software allows you to deliver recurring assessments to re-engage clients and also provides progress photos and measurements like weight throughout their journey. 

Schedulicity Pricing

You’ll also end up paying another additional $5-$10 in fees per month depending on the provider(s) you choose for payment processing. This does not include the Stripe fee or the use of Square for payment processing.

With Schedulicity’s free account: 20 appointments per month and unlimited classes and workshops. Additional add-ons to their system look like the following:

  • 1 Provider: $20/month
  • 2-5 Providers: $30/month
  • 6-10 Providers: $40/month
  • 11+ Providers: $50/month

Premium Add-ons (starting at $5): Payment, Client Text Reminders, Package Management, AutoBilling, MultiLocation Management, Automated Email Marketing are all a part of Schedulicity’s business solutions.  You’ll have to add on each app that you deem necessary for your business by using Schedulicity.

Additional Competitors

For scheduling, still more than compares to the booking and appointment titan Schedulicity.  Here’s a look at some other similar scheduling management applications and their top features:

Now that we’ve had a look at the comprehensive features from client management, scheduling, customizations, workout delivery capabilities, and more, it’s essential we take a final overview look to make sure you have the best information to make the best decision for your fitness business.

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

While Schedulicity is a solid scheduling system, it does not provide the features required to manage a fitness business., however, provides the features of Schedulicity plus the features needed to run your business.

– Schedulicity Cons

Let’s have a look at some reviews from Schedulicity users:

The number of bugs that are introduced and the absolute waste of time spent on non-sensical aesthetic icons.

I loved Schedulicity at its inception, now I see very little benefit to using it….unless you call mindless hours clicking on appointments to determine whether or not a session has been paid for each and every session for each and every client.

-Nadia D.

Another review commented on the customization and marketing aspects of Schedulicity’s software:

That I can’t use my own graphics in the emails. The templates are nice, but very limited. I would like to also have a way to see who’s opened the marketing emails the way other programs do.”

-Alyse N.

Online booking and customized brand comment:

What I do not like about the software is that some of my clients had issues with booking online in the past which made me want to switch softwares to something a bit more reliable. Additionally, I think that overall the excitement of the website when booking is just not there. I want clients to feel excited when they book their appointment and the website doesn’t really attract that excitement.”

-Stephanie G.

Schedulicity does what you’d expect it to do: schedule. If you have additional packages or offerings, you can put those in your marketplace as well for some possible additional revenue.

If you’re the owner of a health and fitness-based business, however, you’ll want more than just your typical scheduling app, for which you could just use Google Calendar and Cash App for clients.  If you want to drive business revenue, increase client retention, have access to an exercise marketplace where you can sell individual plans, run group challenges, and get the best data for your business like performance health assessments and business reporting to find opportunities for improvement, you most likely won’t find those opportunities with Schedulicity.

– Pros’s custom-branded web, Android and iOS software systems are designed to help your business grow while growing with you.  With customization extending all the way down to the text content of your web and app, is built to promote your brand, your way.

In the effort to compile a comprehensive list of features to provide a guide for seekers of a software solution for running a fitness-based enterprise, we want to make sure we are providing everything possible for making a great business decision.

Did we miss anything?  What section provided key information?  Which area was most helpful in covering these software applications?

Find out what sets apart from other fitness and health management software by signing up for a free software demo today!


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