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WellnessLiving vs.’s All-in-One Fitness Business Software


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Choose’s All-in-One Fitness Business Management Software. Review our head-to-head WellnessLiving software comparison and see for yourself. Get a custom web and smartphone app designed for your brand with additional customization available throughout your custom-built software. Grow your business, turn leads into clients, and increase revenue.

Wellness Living touts itself as an all-in-one business management tool trusted by wellness businesses worldwide. Do its features have everything necessary to run a successful fitness business? How does it stack up compared to the all-in-one fitness business management software by

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WellnessLiving Overview

WellnessLiving Systems was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. The company was founded by two friends, Len Fridman, who currently serves as the CEO, and Sasha Davids, who currently serves as the COO. They have between 50 and 100 employees.

WellnessLiving has a 4.39/5.0 rating on Capterra and GetApp, based on 153 ratings. Some of the negative comments were related to customer service and support issues, reporting features, glitches with the software, and some issues with mobile apps.

WellnessLiving vs

WellnessLiving focuses and advertises its software mostly on fitness-related businesses, like personal training, fitness facilities, health clubs, dance studios, yoga studios, spinning facilities, and martial arts studios. They also include spas, salons, massage, medical and dental offices, event planning, and music lessons.

WellnessLiving has features for client booking and scheduling, point-of-service options, credit card processing, marketing options, staff management, reporting, mobile apps, and business automation features. provides all of the features above, however, our software is fully customizable and does not stop with the basics. In addition to offering a fully-customizable experience, also provides our customers with:

  • Workout creators
  • Data tracking
  • A customizable exercise library
  • Nutrition tracking
  • Fitness performance assessments
  • Automated workout engagement
  • …and more

–Fitness Business Management (FBM)

When it comes to management features, WellnessLiving includes options for calendars and class scheduling, appointment booking, event management, credit card and EFT/ACH payment processing, marketing automation, and reporting. Some of the features are only available in the two higher-priced payment plans (Professional and Enterprise). includes the same fitness business management features but also includes additional options. Clients can filter classes by trainer, location, type, and receive automated reminders about class bookings. also has additional reporting features and endless marketing integrations.

– Calendars and Booking

WellnessLiving offers class schedules and real-time booking options with all of their pricing plans. When it comes to setting up special classes, workshops, or events, those are only offered in the Professional and Enterprise plans.

With, fitness staff can set up calendars for clients to book easily through the mobile app, in-person, or using the online dashboard. The calendar is also custom-branded to match your logo and colors.

– Accepting Payments Securely and Easily

The starter plan for WellnessLiving does not include any payment processing options. The Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans have options for credit card payment processing, or EFT/ACH payment processing, both one-time and recurring. offers payment processing for single, recurring, or class/workout packages. The software has features to collect payments online or in-person safely and securely.

– Increase Business Efficiency with Easy Report Access

WellnessLiving has basic reporting options that include client attendance and booking history in the Starter Plan. While this is helpful, more reporting features would be useful. Enhanced and customized reporting is available only with the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans. has a multitude of reporting options via the business dashboard. Staff and management can generate or customize reports on clients, staff, trainers, or sales to view data that is useful to review business operations and stay on track with useful information about your organization or facility.

– Increase Revenue with Key Business Marketing Integrations

WellnessLiving offers marketing integrations with MailChimp and ConstantContact with the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans. offers a variety of marketing integrations, including MailChimp and ConstantContact, plus additional integrations, such as:

  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

It helps to be able to learn and put a system in place to say ‘We have this issue with the shoulder or this elbow pain, this hip internal rotation issue’ and we’ve gone through it with 25 other guys. We’ve had good success with 24 of them so we have a game plan in place.

The flip side is if you get stuck in a rut and your systems don’t work and are not scalable you’re just like why isn’t this working. You can’t see outside the box at all. Systems help eliminate problems.

Barrett Stover

Founder, Revolution Sports Performance

– Custom-Branded Websites, Web, and Smartphone Apps

The Achieve client app is available in the Apple store and the Google Play store. WellnessLiving Achieve has a 3.9/5.0 rating in the Apple store based on 33 ratings. The mobile app has a 4.8/5.0 rating in the Google Play store, based on 274 ratings. There are a few negative comments regarding re-entering sign-in information or credit card information each time you log in.

Branding, including logos and colors, is only available in the Professional and Enterprise plans, which cost $199 and $599 monthly, respectively. Subscribers can add mobile app customization features for an additional monthly fee, between $59 and $119 monthly.

There is also a mobile app for staff called Elevate. This mobile app includes the features needed to manage your fitness business from the app like calendars and scheduling, point-of-sale, client information, and payment details. The downside of this is having two apps and the time required to manage the features from the app.

For fitness businesses aiming for a consistent look among all platforms, makes it easy for you. We offer a customized and branded app and dashboard, not just colors and logos, but the customization needed for a consistent look. There are also features to add a website.

– Fully Customized to Your Brand

WellnessLiving only offers branded apps for the Standard, Professional, and Enterprise pricing plans or at an additional cost (between $59 and $119 monthly depending on features available). This branding gives businesses the ability to use a logo and color scheme that matches yours.

The White Label pricing plan offers the most customization but comes at an additional cost of $119 a month. With this plan, all WellnessLiving branding is removed from the app, businesses have their own Apple developer’s account, and users can download the app from the company’s Apple account. This comes with the Enterprise plan. offers brand compilation options, so your website, dashboard, and mobile apps all have consistency with logos, colors, and language. Your clients will easily recognize your logos, colors, and layout across any platform they may use to access your schedules, workouts, profiles, exercise library, or nutrition information. There is no hierarchy when it comes to plans. Our plan, from the get-go, allows you to fully customize your apps and website.

– Automation from Your Own Custom Apps

WellnessLiving offers automated reminder emails with all pricing plans. The Standard, Professional, and Enterprise plans also include customized automated emails and automated text messages.

There are no options to automate the delivery of workout plans, nutrition plans, or assessments. You would have to use another software or send these directly from your email account to the client’s email account. You would not be able to use the mobile app for those features. offers numerous automation options straight from your mobile apps. Personal trainers and fitness staff can set up automatic email and text messages with updates, reminders, or marketing information. You can also set up notifications within the mobile app.

Fitness professionals will also find other options to set up automatic delivery useful, such as workout plans, nutrition plans, and performance/fitness assessment data. You can create workout or nutrition plans for clients ahead of time and have them set up to automatically deliver to their mobile app on a regular schedule.

Have a client that travels for work or a busy stay-at-home mom that both want to receive workout and nutrition plans weekly? makes it easy to set these up and have them delivered, even when you are training other clients or taking time away from your laptop.

– Custom-Designed Website

WellnessLiving does not offer a custom-designed website with any of their pricing plans. The only similar option is that they feature businesses on the WellnessLiving directory with a basic business page. Photo and video options are limited for the two lower-priced plans and the main focus of this page is basic contact information.

In comparison, will build a customized webpage for your business. is a Google-certified partner and includes custom graphic work, which can help convert visitors into sales leads or clients. You also have unlimited theme changes, consistency with your website, dashboard, and mobile apps, and your website is SEO optimized.

A well-designed and engaging website is critical for the success of your business. can make that happen with less stress and time for you.

– Security Features

WellnessLiving offers SSL Secure features, which is encryption to keep your data safe. also offers SSL Secure, plus Privacy Shield Framework, which is a way to transfer data between the US and EU (European Union) that complies with all laws, and Google Cloud, which provides infrastructure and security features.

– Integrations and Add-ons

WellnessLiving has integrations with Google, so clients can book classes through Google My Business and leave reviews on Google My Business page. has several integrations with the mobile app. YouTube for videos, MyFitnessPal for nutrition information, Vimeo for videos, and more, are available as add-ons and integrations.

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

– Workout Creation and Delivery

WellnessLiving has no workout creation and delivery features. They do not have a workout plan creator, an exercise library, nutrition tracking features, or workout delivery options. Fitness professionals would need to use separate software, email, or use paper workout plans to share workout plans with their clients. has a multitude of workout creation and delivery features. The possibilities for workout creation and delivery are almost endless. You can build workouts for in-person or virtual clients, provide nutrition plans, use or customize the exercise library, and automate the -delivery of information or files for your clients to use anywhere, anytime.

– Deliver Workouts for Any Scenario

Here’s where the possibilities are endless to help you meet the needs of any type of client. You can develop and deliver workouts for different clients to help them meet their fitness goals.

Have a workout plan template you like? Copy and edit for use with multiple clients and easily send it out via the mobile app. Here are some of the features you can expect with

  • Workout Planning-Personal Training
  • Nutrition Planning and Tracking
  • Goal Setting
  • Traveling Athletes
  • In-Person Clients
  • Trainer Logging
  • Online Clients
  • Hybrid Clients (in-person/online)
  • Busy Professionals

– Customized Workout Design and Library

Wellness Living does not offer workout design features or an exercise library. For personal trainers or fitness professionals to have access to these important features, they would need additional software to create and deliver workouts to clients. has an extensive exercise library, plus numerous workout creation and workout delivery options. You can provide customized workouts for clients who have never even set foot in your fitness facility. With so many features to build workouts for use near and far, you can help clients meet all of their fitness goals.

Some of the workout creation and delivery options include:

  • Workout plan creation
  • Smart or on-demand delivery
  • Custom exercise library, including videos, pictures, descriptions, or other files
  • Easily embed videos
  • Your descriptions, workouts, etc.

– Automated Delivery PDFs, Nutrition Plans, and More to Your Clients

WellnessLiving does not have any features to deliver files, such as pdf documents or nutrition plans to clients. If a personal trainer or fitness professional wanted to deliver any documents or plans to clients, they would need to do so via email. This is extra time and effort that could be better used elsewhere.

In comparison, offers numerous options to deliver nutrition plans, workout files, or other information straight to clients without an extra step in the process. There are also features to set up automated delivery.

For example, you could send out a nutrition plan for your client every Friday so they have time over the weekend to do their shopping and meal prep. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to send it or be at your computer to do so. You can set it up to be

E-Commerce/Point of Sale

WellnessLiving has basic e-commerce features such as selling memberships, passes, class packages, products, and gift cards. You can build an e-commerce store and sell products or services within the store.

E-commerce and point-of-sale features are not available for the Starter Plan but are available for the other three pricing plans with WellnessLiving. offers a variety of e-commerce features, including selling single workout plans, monthly workout plans, memberships, class packages, single classes, or custom programs. You can sell customized plans, templates, or workouts of the day to anyone, near and far.

Let’s say you have developed a tennis strengthening, conditioning, and flexibility program that has been successful with some of your local clients. You can make that program available to purchase for clients anywhere in the world and can be used anytime they are available.

– Sell Pre-Built, Single Workout Plans (Mike Boyle)

Mike Boyle offers many workout plans online through his website. His offerings include sport-specific programs, like football, baseball, or hockey, or general programs like adult fitness. The programs include videos, instructions, and coaching instructions, which are also included on the mobile app for clients to use anywhere they have their phone.

– Delivers Automated Custom Programming (Dean Somerset, AMPD)

AMPD Performance offers monthly programming, like their personalized golf training that is used by many pro golfers. Dean Somerset also offers individualized programming for online or face-to-face clients. They are automated and include detailed instructions, videos, and helpful tips to help exercise enthusiasts maximize their fitness programs.

– Delivers Automated Monthly Programming (PJF Performance)

For example, PJF Performance offers a basic body-weight monthly program for beginners or a monthly vertical jump program for advanced athletes. Both need access to a weight room, resistance bands, and a pool (optional, not required), but can be done from any location and at any time.

– Deliver Annual Programming (Barbell Physio)

The Barbell Physio sells a monthly or yearly membership which includes a ten-minute program that can be done in combination with your current workout program. The membership also includes access to videos and their mobile app. They also offer monthly programs that focus on specific movements, like overhead mobility, or ankle mobility.

– Deliver Workout of the Day Memberships (Madeline Moves)

A monthly or yearly membership to Madeline Moves gives access to five new workouts a week, one for each weekday. Those are delivered through the mobile app and only basic equipment is needed for the workouts, so they can be completed at home or a gym when it’s convenient for exercisers.

– Runs Workout Challenges (Madeline Moves)

Madeline Moves also offers workout challenges through her website and mobile app. Her last challenge was 30 days, participants did the same workout schedule, similar nutrition plans, and built community through a Facebook page.

Workout challenges are a great way to build loyalty, motivate clients, create a new source of revenue, and drive new clients to your membership or workout e-commerce options.

– Performance Assessments

WellnessLiving does not have options for performance or fitness assessments. You would need additional software or the old method of using pen and paper assessments to complete and track those assessments. To share assessment results with clients, you would need to purchase additional software to do that, share in person, or make copies for them to use. has a variety of performance assessment features to help with completing assessments, recording assessment results, sharing those results with clients, and automating the delivery of workouts based on the assessment results.

– The Value of Assessments

Assessments are a great tool to gather baseline information about a client, which can then be used to create a customized workout plan for them. There are many performance and fitness assessments and the ones chosen can be based on the client’s goals and abilities.

Performance assessments also help cultivate a relationship between trainer and client and enhance client loyalty. Personal trainers and fitness professionals can also share assessment data with clients to help increase motivation and track improvement over time.

– Complete Assessments for Clients

There are many performance and fitness assessments in the fitness arena for use with clients. Some focus on strength, some on endurance, and some on sports-specific skills. Choosing the right assessment is important and depends on the overall fitness goals of your client. offers options for performing assessments and recording assessment results easily and sharing them effortlessly with clients. This baseline information can help inform a proper workout plan for your clients and help them stay on track to meet their individual fitness goals.

– Automate Client Engagement with Assessments

From a baseline assessment, personal trainers can create a customized workout program tailored to their clients, which can be automated. The great thing is that you can set up automatic delivery of the assessment data to re-assess clients, keep them engaged, and keep them motivated to reach their fitness goals.

Wellness Living Pricing

Pricing for WellnessLiving ranges from $39 to $599 monthly. The Starter plan is $39 a month and includes basic, but limited features. There is minimal marketing integration, no branding or customization options, no point-of-service or credit card processing, basic reporting, and very limited customer service options.

The Standard plan is $99 monthly and includes more features, but the most popular plan is the Professional plan at $199 monthly. Subscribers can change their plan at any time. The table below has detailed pricing information for WellnessLiving.

One additional option for new subscribers is $299 for quick-setup by WellnessLiving to get the software up and running quickly. WellnessLiving offers a free demo, but you must provide your contact information to schedule the demo.

Additional Competitors

The biggest competitors of Wellness Living include:

Many of these competitors have similar features that WellnessLiving offers, like e-commerce, payment processing, client management, and mobile apps. However, some competitors also include features that WellnessLiving is missing, like workout creation and delivery, nutrition assistance, and performance assessments.

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

WellnessLiving has many useful features but is missing two major features that are included with Those two important and functional features are workout creation and delivery options and performance assessment options. When we say is an all-in-one software option with many practical and convenient features for personal trainers and fitness professionals, we mean it.

– WellnessLiving Cons

WellnessLiving has some features that fitness businesses and personal trainers would find useful, like client management, scheduling/calendars, class booking, payment processing, mobile apps, and e-commerce.

However, WellnessLiving is missing some important useful features, like workout creation and delivery, an exercise library, performance assessments, and mobile app customization. Personal trainers and fitness professionals would need additional software to use these features. The other option would be to spend extra time sending emails with documents attached, copying documents, or giving hard copies to clients, which could get misplaced or lost.

– Pros truly is an all-in-one software because personal trainers and fitness professionals have access to everything they would need to manage their business, train clients, and grow their client base with one option. makes it easy to manage your time effectively so you spend less time on a laptop or at your desk and more time interacting with your clients.

You can build your client base locally, nationally, or even internationally with the e-commerce and workout creation/delivery features. You can enhance client loyalty with performance assessments, mobile apps, workout creation/delivery, and e-commerce features. makes your life and your client’s lives happier and healthier.

This comparison has described the all-in-one software features of Which features would be most helpful to you? Ready to schedule a demo to get a visual picture of all the features of


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