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What to Put in Yoga Gift Baskets during Yoga Awareness Month


You’ll love these 6 ideas for yoga gift baskets!

In addition to the beginning of fall and the start of a new school year, September is also National Yoga Awareness Month! If you’ve never practiced yoga before, look up a reputable studio in your area and book a class! Your mind, body, and spirit will surely thank you for it. If you’re already a yoga regular, September is a great month to thank your favorite yoga instructors and fellow yoga friends with thoughtful yoga gift baskets.

To make sure your yoga gift baskets are
appreciated and put to good use, we’re sharing some of our favorite yoga
accessories, many of which make excellent holiday gifts as well.

6 Great Ideas for Yoga Gift Baskets


Although most yoga instructors and enthusiasts
enjoy veggie-heavy diets, many are also looking to supplement their nutrition.
This is where a Blender Bottle like the Sportmixer Blender Bottle can come in handy.
Available in a variety of colors, this BPA free bottle easily mixes protein shakes
and powdered drinks using a patented, in-bottle wire whisk. This gift is the
perfect addition to your yoga gift baskets, making well-rounded nutrition easy,
even when on-the-go.

Yoga Meditation Balm

Aromatherapy is integral to the practice of
yoga, and many yoga instructors infuse essential
during their sessions or use them to soothe and calm during
savasana. The Yoga Meditation Balm Stick from Badger
supports focus and zen with a grounding blend of essential oils. The scents of
frankincense and myrrh
help center and calm, while citrus and sandalwood notes help sharpen and clear
the mind. This portable, sophisticated blend will be a much appreciated part of
your yoga gift baskets.

Hand Sanitizer

Let’s face it, germs are everywhere, even in
your favorite yoga studio. Support health and wellness by including Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray from Dr.
Bronner’s Magic Soaps
in your yoga gift baskets. This organic, easy
to use spray is free from petrochemicals and contains natural glycerin to leave
your hands soft and bacteria-free.


Herbal teas make an excellent gift and can be
as good for the soul as an hour or yoga. If you’re not sure how the recipient
of your yoga gift baskets feels about caffeine, it’s best to choose an herbal tea. Vata Tea Calming from VPK
Maharishi Ayurveda
is made from a soothing blend of organic
ingredients that work to calm the mind and promote relaxation. A warm mug of
this balanced tea is the perfect way to unwind after an intense yoga session.

Nail Polish

Yoga is typically practiced in bare feet, and
although ancient yogis probably weren’t worried about their toenails, many
modern yoga instructors like a little color. Avoid chemicals and harsh
ingredients by choosing nail polish from a natural company like Zoya. Zoya
cosmetics are long-wearing available in a rainbow of colors, and are free from
potentially harsh chemicals.

Moisture Aloe Socks

A lot of time spent barefoot, in a climate
controlled environment, can sometimes result in dry, cracked heels. Show your
favorite yoga enthusiast some love by including some moisturizing socks, like this pair from Earth
. These soft, cushioned socks moisturize your feet wash
after wash, and work even better if you apply lotion before slipping them on.

What are some of your favorite accessories for
yoga gift baskets? Share your tips and best ideas with us in the comments
section below.

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Certified Nutritionist in Appleton, Wisconsin, Founder of Natural Healthy Concepts. Natural health and nutrition advocate. Enjoys gardening, biking, fitness, boating, animals (especially cats), and cooking.
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