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Simple Steps to Start Now


the art of healthy eating
Try these 4 steps in the art of healthy eating!

If you’re just getting started, taking steps
to overhaul your diet can seem overwhelming. As with any new habit, if you try
to do too many things at once, you run the risk of burning out. However, the
art of healthy eating is not impossible and starts with adding in simple steps
and new habits one at a time until they become a part of your normal lifestyle.

Want to learn simple steps to master the art
of healthy eating? Keep reading to find out where
and how to get started.

The Art of Healthy Eating in 4 Steps

Increase Your
Fruit and Veggie Intake

Increasing your fruit and veggie intake is one
of the easiest and best steps when it comes to improving your
diet. Aim for 5-7 servings of colorful produce per day and ensure you’re
filling your plate with a rainbow of colors. If you’re unsure of how to add
more fruits and veggies to your daily diet, toss some chopped spinach in with
your scrambled eggs, have a green salad for lunch, or grab an apple at snack

Drinking Your Calories

Soda, cocktails, and even fruit juices are
often full of empty calories that increase your blood sugar
and expand your waistline. Instead of reaching for a soda, grab a sparkling
water, or if you love a glass of juice, try cutting it with some seltzer. If
you enjoy an evening cocktail, look for one with less (or at least natural)
sugar to help you take steps in the art of healthy eating.

Back on Highly Processed Foods

It’s no big secret that fresh or minimally processed foods are your best
choices when taking steps toward a healthier diet. Some food processing is
normal, like turning milk into plain yogurt, or olives into olive oil. But
foods like chips, fast food, and cookies, typically lack nutrients and have a
lot of added chemicals to prolong their shelf life and enhance their appeal.

to Healthy Fats

Despite the popular diet advice of the past
few decades, a diet low in fat may not be the best choice for overall health
and wellness. Instead, a diet full of fresh food and healthy fats may be the best choice for many
Americans. For example, instead of low fat dairy, choose a low-carb Keto diet of proteins and full-fat dairy
products, which are complete whole foods. At snack time, reach for a serving of
nuts instead of low fat crackers to ensure your diet is rich in the right kinds
of fat.

Start Taking Quality Supplements

Another important step to improving your health
might include taking quality supplements designed to support your health and
fill in nutritional gaps. Here are a few products and brands we recommend
starting with:

for Health

We all have unique nutritional needs, which is
where a trusted supplement company like Designs for Health can help. Designs
for Health
offers comprehensive multivitamins like their Twice Daily Multi, as well as specific
supplements which include Zinc Supreme, Probiotic Supreme, GI Revive, and more.


Rainbow Light is dedicated to creating
natural, food-based supplements designed to support the art of healthy eating.
Rainbow Light offers quality multivitamins and supplements for kids and adults
including their Kid’s One Food-Based Multivitamin, Women’s One Multivitamin, and Prenatal One Vibrance.

What are the first steps you will take in the art of
healthy eating? Share your strategies, tips, and tricks with us in the comments
section below.

About Theresa Groskopp, CN

Certified Nutritionist in Appleton, Wisconsin, Founder of Natural Healthy Concepts. Natural health and nutrition advocate. Enjoys gardening, biking, fitness, boating, animals (especially cats), and cooking.
Theresa Groskopp


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