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How to Get More Focused on Fitness


focused on fitness
Learn how to get more focused on fitness.

Are you finding it hard to keep yourself focused on fitness? It happens to all of us. We start a new fitness routine and it’s going great for a while, until we lose our motivation. So, how do you keep up with what you started? Here are some tips that will help you get over the hump, and to get to your goal, faster.

Start the Clock

When setting a goal to be focused on fitness, give yourself a timeline. If you know you only have to do something for 30 days, you’re much more likely to do it than if it seems like there is no end date. Hopefully, after 30 days you’ll enjoy the workout and want to continue. If not, try something else – for 30 days.

Set a Routine

When choosing a new exercise regimen, consider all the obstacles that could keep you from following through, and schedule your routine around them. It’s much easier to stay focused on fitness when it’s not interfering with important things in your life.

Things to Consider

Do you have more energy in the morning? Try waking up earlier to get in your workout as opposed to trying to do it at the end of the day when you’re tired and ready to relax.

Do you usually hang out with friends after work? Unless you’re going for a group fitness goal, schedule your workout at a time when it won’t feel like you’re missing out on anything.

Follow the routine closely. Schedule meals and snacks in your day so that you are fueling up before working out. Don’t go into it feeling full or hungry.

Keep Your Energy Up

If you’re dragging through your day, how likely are you to keep focused on fitness? Not very. Keep your energy up throughout the day by drinking lots of fluids and replenishing with electrolytes. If you still feel like you need a little boost before your workout, try a power shake, such as PreTrain NRG from Designs for Health, or for on-the-go nutrition, try a Ultra Protein Fitness Bar from Metagenics.

Rest and Recover

The key to staying focused on fitness is to not overdo it with a new workout. Suddenly jumping into something five days a week is a great way to not only get burnt out, but risk injuring yourself. Take it slow in the beginning, try two or three days a week, with a day of rest for that particular exercise in between. If you’ve been lifting weights or doing a lot of strength work, help your body rest and heal with a muscle recovery blend such as Klean Recovery from Klean Athlete.

Don’t let go of your healthy goals. You can
keep yourself focused on fitness by following these easy tips. Stick to it,
you’ve got this!

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Certified Nutritionist in Appleton, Wisconsin, Founder of Natural Healthy Concepts. Natural health and nutrition advocate. Enjoys gardening, biking, fitness, boating, animals (especially cats), and cooking.
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