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PocketSuite vs. All-In-One Fitness Business Software


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Choosing software to run your business can be a difficult decision; but we hope that by the end of this PocketSuite review, you see which software platform can truly help your business.

In this review, we will cover PocketSuite’s company background as well as information about their system, features, pricing, and their top competitors.

We will also tell you why is the best choice for your fitness business. From customizable web and apps to workout creation/delivery, e-commerce, and plenty more, our software empowers you to grow and manage your business easily.

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PocketSuite Software Review

PocketSuite logo

Launched in 2016 by founder Yang Forjindaman, and based in San Francisco, PocketSuite is a business management app that is “focused on delivering good income to people with clients everywhere”. For small business owners, PocketSuite generally has garnered positive feedback but for others, especially those wanting to grow their business, there have been complaints. Users have also been dissatisfied with some very important features.

“They take your money for accepting payments through their software before they can actually deliver on what they promise.”(Capterra)

“USER BEWARE!!. Do not use this app if you have any purpose of receiving payments for your business.” (Capterra)

“There is a number available for texting purposes only, in which they do not answer and respond accordingly to any grievances.” (Capterra)

Not only have there been complaints about their lack of customer service, but users have had issues with PocketSuite taking their money without permission or explanation. One reviewer even had their account randomly blocked in which she could not contact clients who booked.

When you factor in the numerous features that PocketSuite lacks in addition to common complaints about cornerstone features, it can be very concerning for any fitness business owner to fully trust their software.

PocketSuite vs

With various concerns about PocketSuite’s software not designed with your growth of business in mind, their software may not be suitable for many fitness businesses.

One of the reasons why is special is that we know the amount of time, dedication, and work that goes into building a fitness business. Our company is full of individuals who have been through it all and our software exhibits that. We have an advisory board comprised of some of the top fitness professionals that help guide on the necessary features for now and the future.

The various features and capabilities our software provides can not only help grow your business but manage it in an easy and efficient manner. Below, we will go into more detail about PocketSuite and why is the better choice.

Unless otherwise stated, all images and reviews below are of/about the software platform.

Fitness Business Management Software

One of the most important factors for the software you utilize is its management capabilities. With, we created our dedicated Fitness Business Management Software (FBM) that is capable of managing many key features. Whether it be schedule management, notifications, billing, or more, our software is powerful and versatile when it comes to managing. You also won’t need to learn and navigate through different systems as all of these features are operable within the same web and mobile apps.

Client/Class Scheduling

With Pocketsuite, clients are generally able to book online via a booking link in which you can input the link on various platforms. Clients are able to book their trainer for private appointments and classes. Calendars can also be synced with Google and/or Apple calendars.

The calendar allows you to track visits and book classes/sessions. You also have the ability for calendar integration with Google and Apple. With our calendars, you can sort clients in multiple ways which is a capability that PocketSuite lacks. allows you to sort clients by:

  • Trainer
  • Location
  • Service
  • Recurring
  • Time
  • Availability

Gym/Facility Management

Both and PocketSuite allow for assignable staff roles, availability, and permissions to manage your staff. PocketSuite also allows for income reports but mainly for tax purposes or personal records.

The software platform allows for customized business and sales reports to not only see the income you are generating but to analyze how your business is operating. Our software platform gives you the information needed to decide if changes can be made to produce a positive outcome.

Your customized reports can be sorted by client, location, and services further allowing multiple ways to track your business.

Client Automation

Automation can be an important asset to your business. Having to manually manage certain areas of your business can hamper your growth as there can be a lack of efficiency and waste of precious time. Having areas of your business automated saves you time so you can focus on the more important matters.

PocketSuite is capable of a couple of automation features in regard to messaging/reminders and service subscriptions. gives you the ability to put your business on auto-pilot enabling you to automate a wide range of areas that include:

  • Automatic Emails and Texts/Other Automatic Features
  • Automatic Workout Delivery
  • Automatic Resource Delivery
  • Automatic Assessment Delivery
  • Automatic Reminders/Alerts via app, text, and email

Dedicated Zapier Support

At, we provide our clients with a plethora of integrations – but, sometimes, you want a bit of a boost. Our partnership with Zapier allows you to, in Zapier’s words, “Integrate (link your web apps with a few clicks, so they can share data), Automate (pass info between your apps with workflows called Zaps), and Innovate (build processes faster and get more done – no code required).

Part of this partnership includes dedicated Zapier support to help you through every step of the process. With over 2,000 apps to choose from, you can rest assured that your company’s website is as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

Dedicated Account Manager

The customer service your software provides can play an important part in your business’s success, especially in the initial stages of using a new software platform. Numerous users complaining about Pocketsuite’s customer service causes concern. PocketSuite’s customer service also only provides service through text and email and does not provide you with a dedicated account manager. Users have felt a disconnect as there seemed that there was no real person to turn to when they needed assistance.

At, we take customer service very seriously; which is why we not only provide clients with customer support through phone, email, and a graphic FAQ support center page but also with a personal dedicated account manager to help them through every step of the process – indefinitely.

If you want to redesign your website, your account manager will get it done. If you want to set up an e-commerce store, your account manager won’t blink twice. Whatever you need, our world-class dev team will come through. From the mundane to the complex, we have you covered.

Customized Software

Being able to showcase your brand the way you want can potentially attract more clients. First impressions can go a long way, so, ensuring your software is branded to your liking can be imperative.


You are unable to custom-brand PocketSuite’s software to your brand’s likeness. This means that PocketSuite’s brand is what clients will mostly see instead of yours. Their software does not exhibit a custom-made experience that is made to convert visitors to leads like

iOS & Android Apps

Both PocketSuite and offer iOS and Android apps; however, as stated before, there are no custom branding options with PocketSuite. This means that clients have to download PocketSuite’s branded app to use the services of any associated business. offers numerous customizable options for your mobile apps in which you can access all of our many features in one single location. You are able to fully customize your web and mobile apps with not just colors and logos but also verbiage, integrations, custom videos, and more. It will be your brand that clients will see straight from the Apple and Android app stores.


PocketSuite does not allow you to have your own website. This is not the case with Just like our apps our websites are tailor-made to exhibit the brand of your business. You will truly be able to grasp the attention of visitors as our custom options allow for an engaging and responsive website.

Features our custom websites provides include:

  • SEO optimization
  • Unlimited theme changes
  • Built to convert visitors to leads
  • Custom graphic work
  • Google Certified Partner
Security Features

PocketSuite provides the necessary security measures for HIPAA compliance. They are also PCI compliant and claim to run in a secure data center with all communication encrypted.

The software platform’s website and mobile apps are designed to process data in accordance with the responsibilities under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). All purchases are encrypted using SSL and secured by Stripe and are certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1. We also utilize measures that include Privacy Shield Framework and Google Cloud

Marketing Integrations

PocketSuite does not feature many marketing integration options. The main method of integration on other platforms is through a booking link or scheduling widget. provides various ways to market your business and interact with your clients and staff on numerous platforms. Some of our more popular integrations include:

  • MailChimp
  • ConstantContact
  • ConvertKit
  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Grow and manage your fitness business better with

Workout Software

Having software capable of versatile workout features undoubtedly helps your business in many facets. PocketSuite has no capability for workout creation/logging and other workout features. We here at made it a point to include workout features because we know they can be necessary for the growth of your business.

Workout Creator/Logger

Our workout creator/logger truly engages potential and current clients with endless possibilities for delivering workouts, tips, and encouragement to them in any scenario, including:

1-1 Training

One-on-one training sessions can be fully customized to your liking. Every individual client is different so having options to customize your client’s training regimen is important. Whether clients are training in-person and/or online you can ensure that with our software their needs can be met.

Group Training

With group training classes/sessions being popular, our software gives you the capability to create customized training content that can be specifically designed for any group activity in-person and/or online.

Online Training

The online world is robust with millions upon millions of users engaging through various platforms. Our software allows you to take advantage of the online world by allowing you to design online workouts and plans for clients. Whether it be users you meet through social media platforms or your own in-person clients, you are able to sell workouts and plans to fit the needs of any individual or group.

Exercise Library

With, you will have a pre-built library filled with thousands of exercises that can be used to create customized workouts for your clients in addition to custom exercises that you wish to add as well. You can easily search any type of exercise needed and each exercise comes with video demonstrations, tips, location of muscles worked, and more.

Custom Exercises

Every client’s workout schedule, situation, and body is different. There may be specific types of workouts or content you need customarily made for an individual or group. allows you to do just that by enabling you to add custom exercises to your exercise library. These exercises can be filmed anywhere and can feature you, your staff members, or anybody of your choice paving the way for endless options to engage your clients with content.

TV Workouts

Aside from providing clients with the ability to watch demos of the exercises you’ve sent them within their workout plans, gyms can use the exercise library as well as a great way to cast exercise demos onto gym television screens during group classes or one-on-one training sessions.

This is a great way to provide that “personal touch” so many people look for when choosing a gym.

E-Commerce Software

For any fitness business, the presentation of your products and services to be sold can make or break a potential transaction of any interested customer. PocketSuite does allow for some simple e-commerce options but these options are workarounds of their software to achieve features that are not specifically designed for their software. offers you many e-commerce and point-of-sale options to sell your content the way you want in a manner that clients can appreciate.

Payment Processing

The main method of payment with PocketSuite is online through credit card. Clients have the option to pay for services upfront or through subscriptions. It is unclear if you can pay in-store or if there are ways to pay with cash, check, or direct deposit, as their website does not expand on the subject. The PocketSuite payout system states that businesses will receive client payments the next business day if they do not choose PocketSuite’s “instant” feature. There is also a PocketSuite card reader that clients can use.

As mentioned before, users have also complained about issues with PocketSuite withholding money from them unknowingly or even having their account questionably blocked. allows clients to pay a one-time or recurring fee or membership with cash, check, credit card, or direct deposit, online or in-store. All of these payment tools can be accessed within the same custom-branded web and mobile apps you use for your clients and staff.

Sell Products

PocketSuite allows you to sell products by inputting the name of a package title meant for services as the name of the product you wish to sell. The software platform is built to sell products online or in-store. You have the ability to dedicate an entire section for your products on your web and mobile apps so clients can easily browse your catalog. 

Sell Workout Plans

Just like selling products, PocketSuite allows you to sell workout plans by inputting the name of a workout plan as a package title. There is no dedicated feature for the selling of workout plans so the presentation of these plans can be rather bland. offers you the ability to sell specialized or customized workout plans to anyone, anywhere. The presentation for these plans will be appealing as this is a feature specifically designed for our software platform.

Offer Online Workout Memberships

PocketSuite allows for online workout memberships through what they call subscriptions. Users input the name of the workout membership for a subscription name and can alter the frequency of content and times of payment.

With you have the ability to sell online workout memberships in which exercises can be performed anywhere and can be sent automatically at a designated time/situation. With our workout features, you truly have the power to customize these memberships and put your clients on an automated schedule.

Sell Workout Challenges

It may be possible to sell workout challenges by using the aforementioned workarounds within PocketSuite’s software, but there is no distinctly designed feature. We here at know that workout challenges can not only attract potential clients online but can re-engage your in-person clients as well, so we made sure to include this capability within our software platform. With, you can be sure that you have the ability to sell workout challenges to new or existing clients anywhere and at any time.

Performance Health Software

Fitness is not just a means of losing weight or gaining muscle – it is a lifestyle. Everyone’s fitness journey should have a holistic approach as many factors are in correlation. Assessments, measurements, and nutrition are very important factors to not only your fitness health but to your general health as well. PocketSuite’s software has no clear-cut capability for any of these features. If you are trying to run a successful fitness business, these features can be vital to the success of your clients. allows you to improve the lifestyle of clients through our Performance Health Software with features that include:

  • Reengaging clients through automated assessments
  • Retaining clients by showing them their progress over time
  • Tracking measurement data, injuries, etc.
  • Optimizing the delivery of personalized workouts and nutrition


With, you have the ability to perform custom assessments which can automatically trigger custom workouts based on the data acquired. Custom assessments can provide history, measurement data, injuries, photos/videos, and goals. You can make it a point to fully analyze a client so that you both know what can be hindering the client’s success and how the client can continue to improve.

Performance & Measurement Reports

As part of your custom assessments, you have many performance and measurement options to choose from such as weight, height, activity level, distance runs, power output, range of motion measurements, and others providing you with numerous possibilities to fit the needs and goals of any individual client.


As nutrition and fitness can often go hand-in-hand, it is important for the software you use to have nutritional tracking capabilities. With, you are able to monitor your client’s eating habits and track daily nutrients such as carbs, fat, protein, etc. You are also able to upload meal plans, files, and pictures. Our software gives you the ability to truly improve the nutritional aspect of your client’s journey. 

PocketSuite Pricing

PocketSuite’s pricing is in tiers, with the higher-priced plans allowing for more features.

The free plan ($0/monthly) is the most limited plan; while the main difference between the premium ($18/monthly), plus ($46/monthly), and suite ($92/monthly) plans are capabilities for team payments via ACH, adding 1-5 team members to account, automated team check-in/check-out, the number of forms/contracts that can be used within their software, and unlimited team support.

PocketSuite Software Competitors

Aside from the common PocketSuite vs Square standoff, other common PocketSuite competitors include:

The Bottom Line: Pros and Cons

You need software that you can trust with features specifically designed for fitness businesses to ensure you have all the necessary tools to run your business successfully. Thankfully, fits that criteria.

PocketSuite Cons

Pocketsuite has a solid software platform that is simple to use but not tailored made for a fitness business. It seems that their software is made for a general exchange for goods and services which limits fitness business owners who want to really demonstrate their brand.

Aside from the features they lack, many of the features that are useful for fitness businesses are generally workarounds of their system’s capabilities. Also, when you take into account the numerous complaints about the withholdment of money and lack of customer support, it may be hard for any ambitious fitness business owner to trust this software platform. Pros

The all-in-one fitness software platform empowers your business with endless opportunities to succeed. We made sure to include dedicated features that we know from firsthand experience will help your business reach new heights. You can also be sure that you will never be alone as our dedicated and highly experienced support team is here to guide you every step of the way.

With features such as workout creation/logging, e-commerce capabilities, custom assessments, numerous integrational options, and more you will be equipped with a software platform custom-built to fit your needs.

What features are most important to your business?

If you are ready to equip your business with software custom-built for success, book a demo with today!


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