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Matcha Mango Protein Smoothie | Anytime Fitness


A smoothie is a smoothie is a smoothie, right? Except when it isn’t! Not all smoothies are created equal, and this Matcha Mango Protein Smoothie is at the top of its class. Naturally sweet and tropical mango and banana are blended together with a super secret energy-boosting ingredient to create a smoothie that will leave you feeling ready to face the day.

What’s the secret? Well, it’s matcha green tea powder. If you’ve never heard of matcha, it’s finely ground green tea powder that you can pick up at most health food stores. It’s basically green tea concentrate, so matcha powder is a great way to get the same health benefits without having to consume a gallon of green tea every day. Matcha powder also is a wonderful and easy way to add subtle green tea flavor to all kinds of dishes—desserts, dinners and smoothies. It’s yummy!

Just like brewed green tea, matcha powder does contain caffeine, so probably skip this smoothie as a late-night snack. Instead, use this protein-packed drink to help recover from your AM workout, and you’ll feel healthy and energized! Enjoy.


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