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Month: November 2020

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Prepping Your Fitness Business for Online Holiday Shopping

[ad_1] Get the Basics… 💡 Prepping your fitness business for online holiday shopping Using genetics to personalize training Becoming an innovative fitness entrepreneur Interview with Jayme Limbaugh 💬 Welcome back to Sweat Equity Digital. We’re continuing to look into the…

How to Clean a Yoga Mat

[ad_1] There are a lot of advantages to doing yoga at home instead of at a studio. It’s cheaper, you can do it any time of the day, and it’s a great way to keep up your yoga practice while…

How to Get Protein Without Eating Meat

[ad_1] Here are the best places to get yours, if you’re wondering how to get protein without eating meat. If you were to ask the average person where protein comes from, a response you’d likely get is “meat”, and no…

7 Thanksgiving Leftover Recipes | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

[ad_1] Is your fridge filled with Thanksgiving leftovers? Give them new life with these seven simple, smart and satisfying recipes! From a savory soup to the perfect panini, these delicious ideas are the perfect way to use up the rest…

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3 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs an App

[ad_1] Get the Basics… One big reason why your gym needs an app is that mobile application usage has increased The fitness app market, specifically, has seen an increase in demand. A custom-branded app with various features can boost your…

Ayurveda for Beginners: What You Need to Know About Herbs

[ad_1] Ayurveda is a form of alternative and ancient medicine that puts a focus on the use of herbs and other natural substances to provide optimal health and wellness. Its associated teachings and practices originated in the subcontinent of India….

10 Metabolism-Boosting Tips for Women

[ad_1] Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest different. If you’re a woman looking to lose weight and become the healthiest version of yourself, we’ve got a few tips to help! While eating a healthy diet and finding…

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What Are Some Products to Sell in Your Gym?

[ad_1] Get the Basics… Product sales add a convenient touch for your members Your gym can earn extra revenue through merchandise Certain products can be used to market to potential members As a gym owner, some of your top goals…

Holiday Spiced Pecans – The Real Food Dietitians

[ad_1] Holiday Spiced Pecans – a special treat for you and also perfect for gift giving. Crunchy, sweet, and full of toasty warm cinnamon and spice. Holiday Spiced Pecans are roasted to absolute perfection. They’re infused with maple syrup and a nice…

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The Top Ten Pieces of Equipment Needed to Start a Gym

[ad_1] Get the Basics… The right equipment provides a better experience for your members Your business will turn a better profit if members are satisfied Management Software to run your business is an equally important piece of equipment Starting a…

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