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Weight Loss

Best Foods for Weight Loss: Our 10 Top Picks

In our journey to better health, we hear a lot about the best foods for weight loss and ingredients we should be avoiding. By now, we’re all aware that foods with too much added sugar, salt and unhealthy fats are…

How to Beat Belly Bloat

When you’re feeling puffy or swollen around your middle and can’t zip up a pair of jeans that you swear fit fine the other day, bloating is likely to blame. It’s often caused by gas or irregularity, it’s sometimes embarrassing…

Weekend Weight Gain: How to Beat It

Do you and all your best intentions to lose weight say “TGIF!” the day before the weekend starts?Weekend weight gain is a real thing—and you know it. You get a grim reminder every Monday. If you still don’t believe it:…

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy Levels

You wake up tired in the morning, and find yourself fading even more by the afternoon. You wonder what it would take for you to have more energy. Boost your energy with these six simple tips:1. Walk for 10 MinutesThat’s…

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