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Workout Plan

Workout Plan

ClubReady Review [Everything You Need to Know]

  In the health and fitness business arena, the goal is to be as streamlined and efficient as possible. While many softwares in the wellness industry try to fit a certain niche and be really great at certain tasks such…

Workout Plan

Interview: Michelle Richards, CrossFit Hyde Park [Tips + Hacks]

Get the Basics… Movement, Mobility, and Injury Prevention Michelle’s Support of CrossFit and Response to Critics Maintaining fun and play while exercising CrossFit either stirs up intense loyalty or controversy. It has passionate followers and naysayers. However, Michelle issued a…

Workout Plan

Interview: Leigh Peele, Researched Response to Health & Lifestyle [Tips + Inspiration]

Get the Basics… A journey of self-education and formal education The importance of Accountability and Critical Thinking in healthy living Promoting Creativity and Community for overall health and wellness Desire to leave a lasting legacy Balance your time and energy…

Workout Plan

Interview: Eric Gremminger, Enlightened Recovery [Tips + Motivation]

Get the Basics… Passion for exercise and entrepreneurship The “natural high” of exercise A holistic approach to recovery and addiction treatment Psychosomatic wellness and the power of positivity Growing personally is just as hard as growing a business, right? Today…

TrueCoach (FitBot) Review [Everything You Need to Know]

Features TrueCoach Features TrueCoach APPS SUPPORT iPhone ✓ ✓ Phone ✓ Android ✓ Email ✓ ✓ Web ✓ ✓ Chat ✓ ✓ Fully-Customizable(colors, language, features, etc) ✓ Knowledge Base ✓ ✓ MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE WORKOUT SOFTWARE Schedule Appointments &…

Workout Plan

Interview: Sam Spinelli, Citizen Athletics [Tips + Entrepreneurship]

Get the Basics… Importance of formal education and practical experience Lineage of mentorship in sports performance training Training hockey players vs. Training soccer players Enactive Approach applied to strength training Engaging clients through social media and custom app Background Schimri…

Workout Plan

Interview: Eric Mahanke, Carr Elite Football [Tips]

Get the Basics… Having fun in fitness Training professional athletes versus training amateur Importance of interpersonal skills and relationship building Leveraging technology to maximize results Importance of sleep and proper eating Background Information Schimri Yoyo: I am Schimri Yoyo. I’m…

Workout Plan

Fusionetics Review [Everything You Need to Know]

Fusionetics is a performance enhancement system used to assess, plan, and develop an exercise program designed to help prevent injuries, aid recovery, reduce musculoskeletal pain, and enhance performance. Their Movement Efficiency test is used to assess an individual’s current functional…

Workout Plan

Interview: Melissa Morris, Nutrition Educator [Tips + Science]

Get the Basics… Heart health and nutrition Active nutrition vs. dieting Healthy weight loss and nutrition Female nutrition vs Male nutrition: Is there really a difference? Personal Introduction Schimri Yoyo: I am Schimri Yoyo. I’m with and we’re continuing…

ClubReady Comprehensive Review

Features ClubReady TOTAL FEATURE COMPARISON 33 24 PRICING ? not provided APPS iPhone ✓ ✓ Android ✓ ✓ Web ✓ ✓ Fully-Customizable (colors, language, features, etc) ✓ SUPPORT Phone ✓ ✓ Email ✓ ✓ Chat ✓ ✓ Knowledge Base…

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