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6 Activities for a Healthy Holiday at Home

[ad_1] The holidays sure do look a little different this year. However, you can still have some old fashioned family fun! If you’re home for the holidays, try some of these fun activities for a healthy holiday at home. 1….

Fall Activities to Burn Calories

[ad_1] Cooler weather and outdoor activities are part of what make fall fantastic. But this can also be a great opportunity to up the ante on your calorie burning potential. Getting outside and moving more automatically puts you at a…

These Calming Activities Can Help With Feelings of Wellness

[ad_1] The best way to keep anxiety and fear from taking over is to focus on activities that keep your mind and body active and healthy. Here are some ideas to keep yourself busy and happy.It is completely natural to…

Activities to Stay Healthy at Home

[ad_1] Being stuck at home can get boring. Whether you’re sheltering in place for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) or waiting out a future rainy day when you’re stuck inside, you’re bound to get antsy. Prevent boredom by doing a few fun…

Sunday Funday Activities for Weight Loss

[ad_1] Don’t let the “Sunday scaries” ruin your weight loss week ahead. Stay active and focus on the hard work you’ve already put in by getting out of the house for Sunday Funday! We know the thought of a full…

9 Warm Weather Activities that Torch Calories

[ad_1] Summer has to be the most active time of the year, with so many chores to be done and opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. While you’re busy taking advantage of the season, you can also…

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