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Try This Epsom Salt Bath for Anxiety

[ad_1] Whether you’ve ever used it or not, Epsom salt has likely always been nearby. Whether in your mom’s medicine cabinet or sitting on the shelf at the drugstore, Epsom salt is useful for many different health and beauty applications….

Target These Pressure Points for Anxiety Relief

[ad_1] There are a variety of ways to treat anxiety and promote anxiety relief. Those suffering from temporary or long-term anxiety may try therapy, medication, meditation, yoga, mindfulness, diet changes, supplements, and more.  But did you know that acupressure is…

How to Deal With Undereating Caused by Anxiety

[ad_1] Anxiety has different effects on every person. For the most part, all of us have experienced some of the side effects associated with anxiety at some point or another. Many of us are aware of what we should be…

Sunday Anxiety: How To Beat It And Lose Weight All Week

[ad_1] Do you suffer from Sunday night insomnia? That’s the tossing and turning roughly 60 percent of people who responded to a sleep survey do on their typical “day of rest.” This is mainly caused by Sunday anxiety for the…

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