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At Home Exercises with Your Dog

[ad_1] You make plans to meet your friend for a walk—and she cancels. Your husband says he’ll do an exercise video with you—and he bails. Sometimes fitness buddies’ flake, which may deflate your workout motivation. You know who won’t come…

Chair Exercises For a Fitter You

[ad_1] Maybe your job keeps you stuck in a seat for hours at a time. Maybe you’re injured and can’t go for a jog, or perhaps you just started exercising and don’t feel ready to join a gym. That’s OK,…

Workout Plan

The 5 Best Exercises for Football Players

[ad_1] Get the Basics… Plyometric training consists of exercises that incorporate a lot of explosive hopping or jumping. Every single football player needs powerful legs in order to survive out on the field. Using a foam roller is great to…

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