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Learn How to Fight Bad Breath … Naturally!

[ad_1] Learn natural remedies on how to fight bad breath.A first date, a job interview, or a visit to the dentist – these are just a couple of occasions that may cause you to do a breath check. When we…

12 Nutrients in Foods that Fight Seasonal Allergies

[ad_1] If you’ve ever experienced hay fever, you may have thought you had a cold. Also called allergic rhinitis, this common outdoor allergy causes symptoms similar to a cold, such as itchy eyes, sever sneezing and coughing, and a runny…

Fight the Flu: 6 Foods For a Stronger Immune System

[ad_1] Excitement is in the air for pumpkin spice lattes, knee-high boots and autumn leaves. Fall is here. But so is cold and flu season.We’ve all heard recommendations from the Center of Disease Control (CDC): Wash your hands, don’t share…

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