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How to Prepare Your Gym for COVID in 2021

[ad_1] Get the Basics… Prepare your gym for COVID in 2021 by ensuring your cleaning supplies are up-to-date. Take advantage of virtual fitness offerings and offer digital booking options. Update your policies so they are on par with the CDC’s…

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4 Gym Improvement Ideas: How to Improve Your Gym

[ad_1] Get the Basics… Dedicate Yourself to Innovative Promotions Dedicate Yourself to Inclusive People Dedicate Yourself to Cleanliness and Organization Dedicate Yourself to Enticing Products For fitness professionals, operating a gym has always been a juggling act between managing the…

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3 Reasons Why Your Gym Needs an App

[ad_1] Get the Basics… One big reason why your gym needs an app is that mobile application usage has increased The fitness app market, specifically, has seen an increase in demand. A custom-branded app with various features can boost your…

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What Are Some Products to Sell in Your Gym?

[ad_1] Get the Basics… Product sales add a convenient touch for your members Your gym can earn extra revenue through merchandise Certain products can be used to market to potential members As a gym owner, some of your top goals…

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The Top Ten Pieces of Equipment Needed to Start a Gym

[ad_1] Get the Basics… The right equipment provides a better experience for your members Your business will turn a better profit if members are satisfied Management Software to run your business is an equally important piece of equipment Starting a…

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How to Create a Gym Referral Program

[ad_1] Get the Basics… 💡 How to create a gym referral program Using Fitness Business Management Software to sell training programs Maintaining a gym community during COVID-19 Interview with Rich Ruffing 💬 Welcome back to Sweat Equity Digital. We’re continuing…

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COVID Gym Software | Sweat Equity

[ad_1] Welcome back to Sweat Equity Digital. For the next four newsletters, we’re going to be diving into how fitness businesses can effectively use Fitness Business Management Software to offer online training options that will increase their bottom line during…

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Face Masks in the Gym | Sweat Equity

[ad_1] Get the Basics… 🔒 Navigating gym closures Tackling the face-covering controversy Prioritizing benchmarks and emails Handling Corporate Social Responsibility Interview with Ashleigh Kast 💬 Welcome back to Sweat Equity. In this edition, we’re looking at how to navigate another…

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Engaging Members After COVID Gym Closures | Sweat Equity

[ad_1] Get the Basics… 👍 Member engagement post-COVID closures Recession economics 101 The future of plant-based diets Interview with Eric Martinez 💬 Welcome back to another installment of Sweat Equity Digital! Although COVID measures are waning in several states, the…

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Gym Advertising: The Comprehensive Guide

[ad_1] Get the Basics… Take advantage of your current members by using in-house advertising. Become social media savvy. Utilize direct marketing to reach a specific audience. Revamp your website. Host an event. Incorporate challenges, freebies and more! The fitness industry…

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