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Ayurveda for Beginners: What You Need to Know About Herbs

[ad_1] Ayurveda is a form of alternative and ancient medicine that puts a focus on the use of herbs and other natural substances to provide optimal health and wellness. Its associated teachings and practices originated in the subcontinent of India….

Try Replacing Coffee With These Herbs for Energy

[ad_1] Just because you are going coffee-free doesn’t mean you have to lose all of your energy. Give these herbs a try and see if they provide the perking up that you need to get through the day!If you’re cutting…


Use These Herbs For Liver Detoxification Support

[ad_1] The liver is the filter for everything in the body. Nearly everything that is ingested by the body is at least partially filtered by the liver. The liver cleans the blood that comes from nearly every area of the…

Creative Ways to Use Powdered Herbs For Smoothies and More

[ad_1] Some people derive great benefit from medicinal herbs and other supplements, but don’t enjoy swallowing capsules and pills. For this crowd, learning to incorporate these herbs into daily cooking projects may be the best way to get the full…

Herbs: Grow Your Own Seasonings

[ad_1] Herbs let you instantly add garden-fresh taste to any meal. They’re loaded with appetizing flavors and aromas, yet they have almost no calories. That’s why herbs are “Free” food on the Nutrisystem Grocery Guide—you can enjoy them whenever you…

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