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Want to Save a Life? Here’s How to Become a Donor

[ad_1] Learn how to become a donor and save a life!Did you know that you are capable of making a huge difference in someone’s life, possibly even saving it, with very little effort on your part? You’ve probably been asked…

Menu Makeover: 5 Food Swaps that Save on Sugar

[ad_1] We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Americans eat too much sugar. Scary stuff considering excess sugar consumption is linked to cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and cavities. And, a study published the Journal of the American…

How to Save 600 Calories a Day

[ad_1] By now you know: Losing weight boils down to using up more calories than you consume. It seems simple enough. The hard part is actually making it happen. But cutting calories and dieting doesn’t have to mean cutting out…

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