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Signs of an Inflamed Scalp and How to Help

[ad_1] For some, hair and scalp health seems to come naturally. For others, the scalp is a constant problem. Itching, flaking, and, in some cases, even bleeding can occur at the worst possible times or even chronically. You may have…

6 Signs You’re Eating Too Much

[ad_1] Got a sweet tooth? You can thank mom and dad: Some research suggests that a preference for sugar maybe programmed in our DNA. Unfortunately, excess sugar is more than just a preference for the sweet stuff. It’s a health…

5 Signs You’re Emotional Eating

[ad_1] Are you a mindless muncher? A comfort food connoisseur? Or a break-up binger? Don’t be ashamed. For many people, emotions and food are so intertwined, it’s hard to differentiate between eating for fuel and feeding your feelings. Hence the…

6 Signs You’re Not Eating Enough (Yes, It’s Possible!)

[ad_1] When you gained weight, the problem was that you were eating too much. But when you’re trying to lose weight, the problem can sometimes become that you’re not eating enough.Yes, really: Eating too little can slow your metabolism down….

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