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Ways to Manage Blood Sugar Levels During the Holidays

[ad_1] If you have diabetes, a condition that affects your blood sugar stability, or you want to control your caloric intake better, or you know that any deviation from your routine can make your blood sugar even more unpredictable than…

7 Simple Ways to Cut Back on Sugar

[ad_1] Many healthy foods, including fruit and dairy products, are high in sugar, a carbohydrate your body burns for energy. But processed sugars are different than the sugars that occur naturally in food. Processed sugars sweeten the flavor of food,…

Sources of Added Sugar | The Leaf Nutrisystem Blog

[ad_1] We’re sorry to say it but taste aside, there’s nothing sweet about added sugar. In fact, sugars of this kind are something of a silent killer. There are many sneaky sources of added sugar in your average grocery store….

Low Sugar Double Chocolate Mint Cookies

[ad_1] Indulge your sweet tooth with these Low Sugar Double Chocolate Mint Cookies (and get our 3 tips for making healthier baked goods)! This post was created in partnership with our friends at Wholesome.  A cookie made for cookie lovers. …

Menu Makeover: 5 Food Swaps that Save on Sugar

[ad_1] We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Americans eat too much sugar. Scary stuff considering excess sugar consumption is linked to cancer, metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and cavities. And, a study published the Journal of the American…

Does Berberine Help with Blood Sugar Control?

[ad_1] Berberine may help you maintain blood sugar control. Diabetes has become an epidemic that is plaguing the American population. Many factors increase your risk of getting diabetes, including obesity, age, and hereditary factors. With this health epidemic on the…

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