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Interview: Tim Gojich, Fit For Life Gym [Tips + Healthy Habits]

Get the Basics… Explaining the Why’s to Clients Listening to the Wishes of Clients Delivering Wisdom to Clients There is so much competing information about strength training these days. And a new dieting fad or nutrition craze seemingly pops up…

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Interview: Jake Eisenhut, Revived Strength [Tips + Invigoration]

Get the Basics… Listening to Clients and Customized Sessions Client-centered Training Learning to Delegate Starting your own fitness business is a big decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Your success in this industry will require a lot of fundamental education,…

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Interview: Jayme Limbaugh, Dietitian, Crystal Coast Wellness & Performance [Tips + Nutrition]

Get the Basics… Exercise as an Innate Passion Entrepreneurship as an Inheritance Education and Empathy as Differentiators in Business Choosing to be a business owner, especially in the world of fitness, can be a hard and uncertain road to follow….

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18 Tips to Sell More Gym Memberships

Get the Basics… Selling memberships is a key factor in growing your fitness business and increasing revenue. Customer service, staff training, marketing, referrals, and sales are all important factors in selling more gym memberships. All staff, including front desk, membership…

Gamers and Weight Loss: Tips to Avoid

Good news for gamers : A recent study published in the journal Social Science and Medicine revealed that only a small correlation exists between playing video games and carrying excess weight. In fact, after conducting a meta-analysis of 20 studies…

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Interview: Keri Heickert, Tribe Training and Wellness [Tips + Healthy Habits]

Get the Basics… Implementing Care Based on Education and Research Identifying and Overcoming Eating Disorders Encouraging Open Communication of Wellness Needs Trying to complete any task when you feel unprepared or ill-informed is never a good feeling. Attempting to start…

10 Tips for Surviving Halloween Slim-Down Style

Few days on the calendar strike more fear in the heart than Halloween. And we’re not even talking about the houses of horror, haunted hayrides and people dressed like Freddy Krueger standing at our front door. No, Halloween presents a…

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Interview: Zachary Case, Case Sports Performance [Tips + Preparation]

Get the Basics… Making Fitness Fun and Fact-Based Making Efficient Movers and Educated Clients at an Early Age Making Impactful Partnerships in the Community Life is hard enough on its own. There is no need to make it more difficult…

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Interview: Kara Palley, KP Basic Training [Tips + Technique]

Get the Basics… Emphasizing Strength as We Age Emphasizing Proper Form and Technique Emphasizing Regular Movement Emphasizing Healthy Nutrition Habits It’s never too late to start your own fitness business. Today, we’re talking to Kara Palley who switched careers and…

Tips for Developing Healthy Morning Habits and Routines

Learn how to create healthy morning routines so that you can take advantage of your energy levels to accomplish more during the day.There’s a reason why a lot of people get up before the sun rises. The morning is a…

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