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Benefits of Walking Barefoot Outside

[ad_1] For most of human history, we have spent a great deal of time close to nature. Our hunter-gatherer forebears spent much of their time walking – sometimes with primitive shoes or sandals, and other times barefoot, journeying across continents…

8 Tips to Burn More Calories by Walking

[ad_1] Walking is seriously underrated in terms of its benefits as an exercise. Oftentimes we feel as though we must get drenched in sweat to be burning those calories off when in reality, walking really can do wonders to help…

Step It Up Walking Challenge

[ad_1] Whether you’re an experienced exerciser or a fitness newbie, walking is a fun, easy and low impact exercise that can fit into almost anyone’s routine. Here at Nutrisystem, walking is one of our favorite exercises because it helps many…

The Health Benefits of Walking for Kids

[ad_1] You probably know that there are many health benefits to walking for adults. But did you know that there are also health benefits of walking for kids? Here are some reasons why you should find ways to encourage your…

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