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Motivated or Obsessed? What’s the Difference

[ad_1] Even the most “perfect” weight loss program won’t work without one key factor: being motivated. If you aren’t at least a little into what you’re doing—choosing healthier foods, going for an evening walk or other healthy decisions—you just won’t…

Quiz: What’s Your Halloween Candy IQ?

[ad_1] From helpful lists of the latest diet superfoods and ways to burn fat to the tips for navigating the grocery store, learn how to eat healthy and lose weight with expert tips from our weight loss counselors and nutritionists….

What’s the Relationship Between Krill Oil and Heart Health?

[ad_1] Krill oil, like fish oil, is a natural compound found in aquatic life that contains essential fatty acids. Unlike fish oil, some research suggests that krill oil may provide optimal support for heart health. So, should you get essential…

What’s Toxic and What’s Safe for My Pets?

[ad_1] Learn which indoor plants may be toxic to your pets. During spring and summer months, seasonal indoor plants become staple additions to homes across the nation. From hardy spider plants and palms to decorative flowers, succulents and cacti –…

Cardio vs. Strength Training: What’s Better

[ad_1] If you could only choose one, should you strength train or do cardio? Trick question! You don’t have to choose, and you shouldn’t. Both types of exercise are important not just for maintaining a healthy weight, but for your…

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